Are the Jets STILL in QB Hell?

Are the Jets STILL in QB Hell?

The 2013 Season is two weeks old, and before the season, I said the Jets were in QB Hell.  Are we still there?  Let’s recap the status of our QBs.  Mark Sanchez has been placed on IR for eight weeks and can begin practicing with the team in six.  Geno Smith wins the starting job by default and in two weeks, according to ProFootball Focus, he’s ranked 29th of 32.

Fans are still talking up 4th Stringer Matt Simms, who to his credit has earned his way up to being the number 2 backup.  Even Adam Schefter is hearing that the organization likes Simms if Geno struggles.

AdamSchefter Within Jets organization, QB Matt Simms has some real support to play. Should Geno Smith struggle, worth watching. 9/15/13 10:54 AM

The Jets are 1-1, many saying they got lucky in week one against the Bucs.  So if Mark is healthy, do we make the change if Geno continues to struggle?  I think it’s safe to say that Geno is playing a little sub-par.  There clearly are times where he flashes that talent, and I know the receivers haven’t been helping him out with the drops, but Geno needs the game to slow down.

What probably is a little worrisome is the fact that he doesn’t sense the pressure.  He holds on to the ball way too long for my comfort.  I guess that will come with time, but Jets fans must know that we will see some ups and many downs with a rookie QB.  The Jets have pulled the trigger with Geno, and Jets fans must show patience, in my opinion.  Calling for a different QB each week won’t end well for the 2013 season.  Make a decision and stick with it.