A Look at Jets’ Former Punter Robert Malone’s Stats

A Look at Jets’ Former Punter Robert Malone’s Stats

The New York Jets are back at it Monday morning with a mini-bye week because the team played on Thursday night.  In a surprise move, the Jets released Punter Robert Malone (@Robert_Malone_) and signed Ryan Quickley (@RQuigs46).  It’s not surprising that he was cut with the way he was playing, I guess I’m just surprised they made the move only after two games.

The punter competition was close enough this summer that the Jets must have had faith in Quickley.  The Jets may be sending a message to the rest of his former teammates that they can be on a short leash if they mess up.  If that’s the case, why is Clyde Gates still here after 3 drops in the game against the Patriots Thursday.

Robert_Malone_ Just wanted to say thank you to all jets fans and the organization. Its been a privilege playing for new york. We will miss it. 9/16/13 12:31 PM

Malone didn’t have the greatest first two games but when I compared him to the league, he ranked 17 of 32 of the punters ranked on ProFootball Focus.  He has the second most yards (738), the longest punt (84), but he had 2 touchbacks, 2 out of bounds, and the most returns (9) with the most 2nd most yards (107).

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