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Jets Players Tweet about the Loss to the New England Patriots

Jets Players Tweet about the Loss to the New England Patriots

The New York Jets played an ugly game (on offense) and the D showed (besides the “freebie” play) that they are dominant as ever.  Shortly after the loss to the New England Patriots 13-10, the Jets players made their way to twitter and let their feelings be known.

KenrickEllis Tuff one jet nation but I am proud of the way we played and we will continue bet better as a team #JetUp 9/13/13 12:32 AM
BigDame900 Sorry #JetNation we will rebound and get better…day by day week by week stay patient with us! 9/13/13 12:08 AM
That one hurts
9/13/13 12:44 AM
Tough loss tonight… We will bounce back! One team, One fight!!! #jetlife #Jets
9/13/13 12:51 AM
Tough one in fox. It’s encouraging how good we could be tho. #keeppounding #stepbystep
9/13/13 12:52 AM
Tough game tonight…but a mans darkest times will prepare him for the light at the end of the tunnel!!!
9/13/13 12:56 AM
We let this one slip through our grips. But we will bounce back!! #JetLife
9/13/13 4:25 AM
Tought loss but we will come back stronger. #JetLife
9/13/13 1:03 AM


  • Stuart Craig

    It’s good to see that this defeat to the Pats, which was there for us to take apart from a bad bad case of the drops, hurts the team as much as it does the fan base. >> 1-1 << would have snapped your hand off before the season started for that though.

    • Erik Manassy

      There were positives I liked in the game though… still wanted the win.

  • Gustav Flores

    The Pats were Suger Ray Leonard and we were Roberto Duran. Hands of stone killed us. Hands of stone. Sheeeeeshhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    • Erik Manassy

      The fumble was a killer too

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