Jets Tweets from Cro, the Boss and Walker

Jets Tweets from Cro, the Boss and Walker

It’s opening weekend for the Jets and I have been browsing twitter as I always do… Here are some tweets that caught my attention with some of my thoughts.

Nothing earth shattering here as typically the Jets players know not to put bulletin board material out in the public.  So sit back and read some random tweets from people associated with the organization past or present.

Past Cro’s Bed Time?

A_Cromartie31 What’s going on #JetsNation? Sitting here relaxing in my chamber studying film. Wanted to take a break and she what was going on with you. 9/6/13 10:07 PM

Cro said on the Michael Kay show on Friday that he’s in bed normally at 9pm.  When asked what he thought of Peyton Manning’s 7 TD performance the night before, Cro says he doesn’t stay up to watch games, or ESPN.  He comes home, watches film and plays with the kids.

Cro, I like you as a family man, but in this tweet you missed your bed time.  10:07pm!  What were you thinking.

9/7/13 1:01 PM
The Jets home opener tmrw, stop by MetLife Central on the West Side of the stadium & see me, 11:45am-12:45pm meet & greet with you fans.
9/7/13 12:45 PM
My daughter is the Lebron James of soccer she has 4 goals sorry 5 so they moved her to goalie beast mode
9/7/13 11:26 AM
Working on the weekends couldn’t get any better #JetLife
9/7/13 9:06 AM

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Ty Law, Really?

KMart_LI Ty Law on #Jets facing his buddy Revis: “They’re the type of tm that…might try 2 get him hurt. I wouldn’t play him cuz they’re not worthy” 9/7/13 8:23 AM

I never considered you a Jet by the way.  You want to accuse the Jets of a team that would TRY to hurt Darrelle Revis?  Classless.  I’m just sorry I wasted this many keys on you already.

Carlo’s Bakery made this 150lb beauty to celebrate Jets kickoff event in Hoboken.
9/6/13 10:29 PM

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