The Jets keep the QB Carousel Turning by Adding QB Brady Quinn

The Jets keep the QB Carousel Turning by Adding QB Brady Quinn

Would you have ever thought that the QB situation would be unanswered with six days to go for the first week of the 2013 New York Jets season.  Rex Ryan stated that he wasn’t going to name a starter until week 1 but I bet never in a million years he thought he’d be making this decision with the QB’s he has on the roster.

For most of camp, it looked like the Jets depth chart would be:   1.  Mark Sanchez 2.  Geno Smith 3.  Greg McElroy 4. Matt Simms.  One SINGLE decision to play Mark Sanchez in clean up time in the fourth quarter of the Giants game resulting in his injury changed the depth chart (in my opinion) to be 1.  Geno Smith 2.  Brady Quinn 3.  Matt Simms 4.  Mark Sanchez for the week one game against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The Jets added Brady Quinn to the lineup, managed an injury settlement with Greg McElroy who most likely will move to the Bengals practice squad, signed and dumped Aaron Rodgers’ backup from last year Graham Harell in a couple of days and won’t say boo about Mark Sanchez’s injury to his throwing shoulder.

nyjets The Jets have signed QB Brady Quinn and released QB Graham Harrell. 9/2/13 12:38 PM

I’m guessing Mark’s shoulder is worse than they are letting on, but we’ll know more about that on Wednesday when the Jets must talk about the injury according to league rules.

So Why Brady Quinn?

Quinn was released by the Seahawks this past Saturday and the Jets jumped on him I’m guessing to add veteran leadership to the team.  Between Simms, Smith and Harell, they only had four career pass attempts at the time.  The Jets already cut ties with McElroy who was injured.

Quinn Says Goodbye to the Seahawks on Twitter

BQ9 Want to thank the Seahawks organization, coaches, teammates and especially the fans for a great offseason. It was such a blessing to be a 8/31/13 4:12 PM
BQ9 Part of such a special group! Thank you for the opportunity and best of luck this season! God bless! 8/31/13 4:13 PM

Brady Quinn was a first round pick, 22 overall to the Browns, in 2007 and really has never shown that Notre Dame luck in the NFL.  He has had some decent games, but nothing to warrant him a starter and a threat.  With David Lee as the Jets QB coach, I’m sure he can coach up Quinn, but do you realistically think he’s going to be the starter long term?

If the Jets feel that Geno Smith is STILL NOT READY to start as the lead quarterback and would like the rookie to still learn as the game slows down for him, Brady could be the stop gap the team needs to get the season rolling.  I think Mark Sanchez was going to fill that role and his injury threw a wrench in the works.

Quinn bounced around with the Browns, Broncos and Chiefs. He was cut with the Seahawks Saturday.

Matt Simms made the decision interesting as he played himself onto the team in the last preseason game against the Eagles, but is he really ready to take the role as QB #1.  It’s a feel good story and many fans want him to get the chance, but why bring in Brady?  Insurance?

As a fan, I can only speculate and come up with these theories but if I had my wish, I would start rookie Geno Smith.  The Jets need to find out if giving up a second round on this kid is going to be the answer long term.  The Jets are in rebuild mode and they need to make sure that the most important piece for any NFL team is that of the quarterback.

I say play the rookie and let the chips fall where they may.