Rex Ryan attends a Football Game on Cut Day; SO?

Rex Ryan attends a Football Game on Cut Day; SO?

I have said many times on my podcast, on twitter and even on Champion Radio (an ESPN LI Affiliate) that Rex Ryan is a shell of himself.  He’s under major scrunity no matter what he does or says, so I just say, live life.  That’s exactly what the coach did this summer when he was running with the Bulls, and yesterday, he was under some scrutiny from a beat writer because he flew to attend his Son’s Clemson Football game (even though he didn’t dress for the game).

There were pictures of Rex that started floating around twitter of the coach hanging out at tailgates, posing at the airport with his sons, and on the field after the game.

dmtaylo Rex Ryan tailgating with the boys #hissonisawalkon 9/1/13 2:19 AM


My Take

So if everyone is saying that Rex is a lame duck coach with no input on the team, he should be ok to do as he pleases, correct?  People who are all over Rex for being in Clemson have an issue being that the cut deadline was around the same time he would have been in these pictures above.  Many are questioning his dedication and compare him to other coaches saying that his predecessors and peers never would do something like this.

I guess Rex has always marched to the beat of his own drum.  Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so Rex does as he pleases.  The media will continue to create issues out of everything he does and the only thing that really matters to me personally is winning.  If Rex wins, I’m a happy camper and I think Jet nation follows suite.  No one cared how he carried himself when he was taking the team to AFC Championships, but when you miss the playoffs and start losing, the spotlight shines bright.

Will Rex get out of this hole he dug for himself?  Maybe not with the Jets, but he’s going to go out his way, or least try to.