A Flurry of Jets News on Monday

A Flurry of Jets News on Monday

Monday was clearly a busy day in Jet land with news story after news story.  The Rex Ryan presser was aired live on multiple channels and the Jets announced some interesting cuts for their first round.  Mike Goodson returns to the team and Santonio is practicing full speed.

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Notable Cuts

  • Joe McKnight was cut as well as Stephen Peterman early in the morning.  Joe tweeted his feelings shortly after.
  • In the afternoon, veteran WR Braylon Edwards was next to go.
  • Late in the night, Aussie TE Hayden Smith was shown the pink slip.

If I read the tea leaves, Joe just had too many reasons NOT to make the team.  He struggled and had a terrible summer that’s when he was on the field.  Braylon Edwards is a shell of himself.  He’s trying to play up to his older Jets version but it’s clear his body has other plans.  Hayden Smith was what I call a “Science Project” and don’t be surprised if he makes the practice squad again.

The Return of the Problem Child

Which problem child am I talking about:  Goodson or Holmes?  Both.  Mike Goodson returned to the team coincidentally shortly after the McKnight announcement.  Unfortunately he’s going to miss more action this time courtesy of the league as they slapped a four game suspension because of his past issues.

Santonio returned to full speed at practice.  Will he be ready for week 1?  It’s looking that way, but how affective will he be?  Is he REALLY back?

Rex is a Shell of Himself

Rex clearly is a different man.  His relationship with the NY Media has changed with less Jokes and more video tape.  We know what happened after the game Saturday with “Sideways” Rex, and usually he bounces back with a good performance.  Not this time.  He looked worn out and just uncomfortable.

The question I have:  Is he different because Idzik told him to be this way, or is Rex doing this because this is what he believes Idzik wants from him OR is he just a beaten man.  It’s human nature to blow up if you get attacked, and Rex is clearly under major scrutiny.  Will he even survive the complete season?