Joe McKnight Tweets Jets Nation after being Released on Monday

Joe McKnight Tweets Jets Nation after being Released on Monday

The New York Jets announced this morning that they have realeased 14 players including RB / Kick Returner Joe McKnight.  The troubled player took to twitter to voice his opinions about the move.

Joejetlife BACK TO STEP ONE 8/26/13 9:40 AM

I am not surprised by the move too much.  I mean he has been making news for all the reasons without being productive on the field.  I know that a head injury is nothing to joke about, but I think he had a lot more in play that just that one incident.

  • Joe had failed conditioning tests in the past as well as this year.
  • He suffered migraines.
  • He had been arrested due to parking tickets.
  • He had a poor relationship with the media which made him look like difficult to work with.
  • He handed the media the “Media Bridge Cards”, although this probably wasn’t the reason he was cut but maybe the icing on the cake.
DWAZ73 McKnight told me last wk: “I have to get on the field this week, these next two games, and then prove something.” Never made it into game. 8/26/13 8:13 AM

Joe is a talented athlete but I don’t think he ever could get it together mentally.  It seemed from me that he struggled with the play book.  There was no reason with that talent he should have been taking a more significant role in the offense.  Used mostly on special teams, the Jets shouldn’t have a problem replacing him on kick offs with Kyle Wislon and or Clyde Gates.

Maybe some other youngsters crack the lineup due to the vacancy left by McKnight.  I do believe that Joe will catch on rather quickly though with another team to be a kick returner.