4 Technologies to Check Out for the 2013 NFL Season

4 Technologies to Check Out for the 2013 NFL Season

This is a guest post by Adrian Rawlings, a TV and entertainment blogger. Look to him for the scoop on hit movies and TV shows, sports, tech reviews, how-to’s, and more.

Technology makes our lives easier. And no one deserves some ease more than a Jets fan. So to kick off this NFL season, here is some tech gadgetry that will make the season a little more gratifying despite the performance of the Gang Green.



Everyone knows by now that DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET lets fans outside of Jersey enjoy the game on Sunday. But many don’t want to shell out the extra cash for mobile functionality, which allows you to watch on your smartphone or tablet if away from home.

This year, however, new customers get the full functionality of the app without the extra charge on top of their SUNDAY TICKET subscription. What’s more, the app has an updated 2013 layout, with more features like one-touch access to live games—making the app a little more fun and easy to use. Take it for a test-drive with DIRECTV’s interactive app preview, available on their website.

RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit App

Brought to you by the good folks at RotoWire, the Fantasy Football Draft Kit app is a no-brainer for fantasy football players looking to gain an edge over the competition (and who isn’t?) come draft day. Not only does the app feature customizable cheat sheets, it also provides comprehensive player analysis with stats, rankings, trends, history, and more.

It’s an app that should be added to every fantasy player’s arsenal.


Robotic Beer Delivery (RBD)

Beer and football go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, having to get up for a refresher can mean missing a big game moment. Why not get a cold one hand delivered to you with a personal robot butler?

Created by the innovative programmers at Willow Garage, the Beer Me robot is not only able to fetch a beer from the fridge, but it can actually choose the appropriate beer based on an assortment of them. Then it hand delivers the beer, removing the bottle cap and everything. See how it works on the Willow Garage website.

Though the Beer Me robot is not commercially available yet, there are other DIY beer delivery methods you can start working on today.


Having friends over for the game often leaves the living room floor littered with Cheetos and Doritos that didn’t make it to their rightful destination—and a significant other perturbed. Clean up the mess with the automated Roomba® vacuum cleaner by iRobot.

With a 3-stage cleaning system and sensors that can detect obstacles and stairs, the Roomba® takes the hassle out of game-day party cleanup. Let one of these loose after the game and make the compulsory reprimands a thing of the past.



Free Dimensional Video is the next big thing coming to the NFL in the replay technology category. And with some of the majorly iffy calls of last season, it couldn’t come at a better time. As of right now, 48 cameras capture images from multiple angles, splicing them together to look like one fluid rotation. Better seen than described, you can check out an example at Bleacher Report.

Though it isn’t installed at MetLife at this time (but hopefully will be soon), you can see this technology during the first game of the season when the Cowboys play the Giants at AT&T Stadium.

XBox One

Just a few months ago Microsoft signed a major multi-year deal with the NFL to expand the league’s technology. Part of the deal also includes NFL content and coverage delivered to the XBox One, Microsoft’s latest video game console releasing this fall.

Because the new console is capable of more integration with cable and satellite programming, fans have the potential to not only watch the game, but also video chat with friends and family across the country while also viewing fantasy stats. It’s a fully immersive experience that any diehard Jets fan would appreciate.

Other Tech


The NFL has recently required that teams utilize GPS technology to better measure players’ positioning, speed, distance traveled, and location on the field. The idea is this information will help monitor player performance, as well as provide useful statistical data.

While the technology is not available to fans at this time, maybe the GPS monitoring will help keep players like McKnight and Goodson out of trouble in the future.

You don’t have to be stuck in 1968 to enjoy some Jets action—grab up the technology that’s available this year. But do continue to keep your fingers crossed. There’s no technology for luck just yet.

AUTHOR: Adrian Rawlings

BIO: Adrian Rawlings is a TV and entertainment blogger. Look to him for the scoop on hit movies and TV shows, sports, tech reviews, how-to’s, and more.