Jets Provide Players “Media Bridges” to Guide Interactions with Media

Jets Provide Players “Media Bridges” to Guide Interactions with Media

Remember the days when Rex Ryan and the Jets had a mantra for dealing with the press was no censoring what the players had to say publicly with the media.  This also extended to social media even though there were official guidelines posted all over training camp on what to tweet and what to stay away from (I know, I saw them and took pictures of them).

These were the good ole’ days for 2009-2012.

On Wednesday, Manish Mehta posted pictures of a laminated card that apparently is handed out to players as a guideline of “Media Bridges” or phrases that are recommended when dealing with the media.

We don’t know if the Jets have always done this, but it was exposed.  The question I have is was this always in place, or is this a characteristic of the John Idzik era.  It’s no secret that he has locked down the rumors and the free flow of information to the media.  I think certain members of the press have been taking exception to this and would like nothing more to crack this new force field going over the Jets and their players.

I personally think this is smart on the Jets part.  They obviously are aware that the certain media members, especially the NY Media, would take a misspoken word and make a huge story of it.   The Jets are trying to keep it down to a minimum.

I wonder who leaked the laminated cards?  I can’t imagine the Jets gave these to the Media to review.