What’s behind the “Brutal” Statement by Rex Ryan

What’s behind the “Brutal” Statement by Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan seems to be making headlines as he has always done with his mouth.  In Wednesday’s presser after practice, Rex used the word “Brutal” to describe rookie Geno Smith’s play.  When was the last time that Rex was this harsh on Mark Sanchez?  Many believe that Mark is Rex’s “guy” and that deep down he wants the incumbent to win the competition, but I’ve heard just about every kind of theory of what the word Brutal meant.

“It was brutal. It was Geno’s worst day. I think, and obviously, the ankle’s part of it, but . . . way too many picks and things. Did not look comfortable today,” Ryan said. “Obviously he has to come back from it, he will come back from it. It was a bad day. Everybody, we’ve seen it, guys have bad days. But this was a really bad day for Geno.”

Brutal Motivation

Rex has used this tactic before where he calls out a player by describing their behavior, play or anything he wants them to improve on.  Remember Quinton Coples last year and even this year when the 2nd year player was slacking a little with the weights?  Bill Parcells always used this tactic to get a player to step up by challenging them and calling them out.

Did Rex call out Geno to motivate him?

Brutal Shot Across the Bow

Another theory is that Rex was sending GM John Idzik a clear message.  Everyone knows that Geno is John’s guy, and that Rex, whether he likes it or not now, is tied to Sanchez’s career.  The quarterback competition was way to close to call up until that practice, and maybe Rex was sending a message to John.  For that matter, maybe Rex was also sending a message to OC Marty Mornhinweg to get him to lean toward the veteran.

This theory to me seems a little too far fetched, but it’s being discussed on he interwebs.

Brutally Honest

Then again, Rex has admitted that he likes to tell the truth and calls it as he sees it.  Maybe there is no agenda what so ever behind the statement.  Maybe Rex was just saying what he cleanly saw:  The rookie was brutal.  Throwing three interceptions in one practice can do that.

Rex would never call out Mark Sanchez in this light if he was the one that had such a brutal practice.  I think Rex knows like the rest of us that Mark’s psyche couldn’t take it.  I think Rex could be testing the rookie to see how he faces his head coaches statement and the overall adversity he’s facing with a bad practice coupled with an ankle injury.

If Geno has a killer practice today, he’ll be your starter with the one’s for the game on Saturday against the Jaguars.  If he’s still hobbling around, maybe he won’t even get into the game.  If Geno doesn’t play, my opinion is that Mark has won the starting Job for week 1 against the Bucs.

Friday’s press conference is where Rex makes his announcement on who starts against the Jags.  Either way, I predict an interesting day on twitter.

 UPDATE:  The Jets announced that Mark Sanchez is the starter against the Jags.

  • ethigent

    I was a big Rex fan, but this kind of stuff is making it very obvious he is somehow tied to Sanchez and cant get himself extricated. How you could possibly compare the two performances and put one above the other is beyond me. Mark’s current QB rating is testament to that.

    Given this, Im moving fully to the “Jets Suck” camp until Rex and Mark are gone. This sh!t show is getting long in the tooth and Im just done with all the promises that this is somehow gonna gel. Looks like Im going to get a lot of use out of my Embarrassment Bags this year.

  • subzero2401

    I am literally shocked that fans are falling for the media making this into a thing. At the end of the day, was Geno’s practice not brutal??? By all accounts bit was. Rex wasn’t overly negative or harsh, he called it like he (and everyone else) saw it. Geno has been impressive thus far and I think he bounces back. Hopefully he’s able to play on Saturday night so the coaches can get something to evaluate. Regardless though, if you’re honest with yourself there’s no way you don’t know deep down that at least for now, Mark is the clear leader in this race. Like it or not.

  • Lissa77

    I was a Rex fan. But this side show has gone on too long. Sanchez and Rex need to go.