Who Starts? Twitter thinks it’s going to be Sanchez

Who Starts?  Twitter thinks it’s going to be Sanchez

Rex Ryan, in his presser Tuesday, said that he’s going to “Let it play out” on why he was not ready to choose a starter for QB.  If you are keeping score at home, it’s Geno’s turn in the rotation but his ankle injury from the Lions game is keeping him gimpy and his start a question mark.

I recorded a podcast this morning on the subject and asked fans who they think Rex and the team will pick as the starter against the Jags.

thejoephis @e_man i honestly think they go with Mark regardless of Genos ankle. They may blame the ankle , but….. 8/14/13 7:27 AM
NYJetSupporter @e_man it’s got to be geno’s turn 8/14/13 7:30 AM
SevenOhThree @e_man he’s (unfortunately) going to end up sticking with Sanchez. 8/14/13 7:32 AM
AjuronMB @e_man I still believe he has already made up his mind that Sanchez will be the starter. Ugh 8/14/13 7:35 AM
jetsyanks2525 @e_man he going to pick Sanchez everyone knows that. Who do I want? Def geno 8/14/13 7:39 AM
JForma @e_man Sanchez- has to win every game he can. In the short term, Sanchez better for now. 8/14/13 7:43 AM
RJNaeder @e_man I think Geno Smith should start this week, but I would perfer Sanchez 8/14/13 8:03 AM
crgklr @e_man we all know 8/14/13 8:13 AM
Ronnie131 @e_man I’ve been saying it for awhile, Sanchez will start 1st 2 weeks of season. If he falters, Geno has 10 days to prepare for wk 3 (Buf) 8/14/13 8:21 AM
TheJetReport @e_man Our guess is that Rex is waiting on Geno. If the ankle is fine, he will get the start. #jets 8/14/13 8:25 AM
Jthrush84 @e_man I think Mark unless Geno absolutely lights it up in the next 2 preseason games. I think Mark lasts only 6 games until Geno starts. 8/14/13 8:24 AM
  • tonyc

    Watching Ryan, he will name the starter after the game is played.