Joe McKnight Needs to Turn Down the Noise

Joe McKnight Needs to Turn Down the Noise

Joe McKnight is having a rough go at it this year at Jets Camp.  His past camps haven’t been a walk in the park either.  Once a player is deemed “an enemy of the state” when it comes to dealing with the media, look out.  The media will paint that player in any light they want when said player comes across as snarky or difficult to deal with when interacting with the media.  (see Santonio Holmes)

All the talk has been that Joe is dealing with some kind of head injury, but the Jets won’t call it a concussion.  Rex in past has said that Joe gets bad anxiety which causes him to test poorly and resulting in failing physicals.

Yesterday was an eventful day for the running back.  First, he participated in practice with a red no-contact jersey which is understandable since he hasn’t recovered from his head injury.  After collapsing on a non-contact play, he was taken into the club house where he apparently picked up his phone to tweet.

Now there was some initial confusion (from me) because there was a question if the account @JoeJetLife was actually his.  Joe is verified with twitter under the account @officialJoeJet but the word on the street is that he forgot his password and created a new account.

MMehtaNYDN Why was Joe McKnight tweeting from unverified account instead of his verified one? He forgot his password on verified account. Really #nyj 8/13/13 10:25 AM

The tweets coming out of the new account gained attention when the beat writers picked up on them and then verified with the official NY Jets PR department that those were indeed his tweets.

Joe’s Tweets from the club house:

Joejetlife Now I’m trying to keep my cool but now it has gone too far with these reporters. Just let y’all know I’m not the one. I know who you are 8/12/13 11:31 AM
Joejetlife I don’t care anymore 8/12/13 11:32 AM
Joejetlife Now I’m getting into that 8/12/13 11:35 AM

Joe thought that BleedGreenJetz was a beatwriter:

Joejetlife I don’t care anymore 8/12/13 11:32 AM
bleedgreenjetz @Joejetlife about time you get released. Good luck. And stay healthy . 8/12/13 11:34 AM
Joejetlife @bleedgreenjetz are you outside 8/12/13 11:36 AM

Now Joe is a talented running back and returner but as a Jets fan it’s frustrating that he can’t stay healthy.  It gets trickier because his injury isn’t an easy one to define.  When dealing with the head, it’s tough to say when he’ll be “right”.  I have a feeling that he’s dealing with some demons in head.  I think he’s letting fans, media and whatever else he’s seeing get to him personally.  It’s affecting his well being and we are seeing the results of it on the field and through these actions.  This is ONLY my guess the more I think and read about what’s going on with Joe.

Be well Joe, get better, ignore the noise and focus on your career.