My Thoughts on the Jets – Lions Preseason Game

My Thoughts on the Jets – Lions Preseason Game

New York Jets fans can’t be too happy with yesterday’s performance.

Mark Sanchez continues to be a turnover machine and it seems that Geno Smith isn’t quite ready.  Smith suffered an ankle injury and if he can’t get on the practice field and start the next game against the Jaguars, it may be inevitable that Sanchez may get the start going into week one by default.

Here are my thoughts on the game Friday Night:

Same Ole’ Sanchez?

It didn’t take long for Mark to show the fans what exactly they had last year.  On a screen play where the FB was taken completley out of the play, Sanchez floated a ball to Lions rookie Ezekiel Ansah as he took it to the house for six.  What Mark should have done in his fifth year as a pro, was to throw the ball into the ground.  A veteran just doesn’t make that play.

Mark almost threw a second interception but Kellen Winslow bailed him out big time with a huge hit to knock the ball out.  Think Dustin Keller makes that play?  No.

Sanchez did come back strong with a touchdown strike to Jeff Cumberland.  Mark’s numbers were decent at the end except for that terrible interception.  That pick set the tone for the game, and Mark continues to struggle.  It’s going to be a long season if Mark starts and can’t shake turning the ball over.

Rex Wasn’t Paying Attention?!?

When Rex was asked about the play of his quarterbacks, he gave somewhat of a stunning answer:

“I had my own issues on the other side of the ball, so I really never focused a whole lot when he was in there,” Ryan said. “We’ll see it on tape. You guys probably saw more plays than I did.”

Is this a big deal?  Yeah, just a little bit.  The biggest question mark for this team has to be the quarterback competition and he wasn’t paying attention on the first drive of the preseason?  You know the media is going to eat that quote up and spit it out all over their headlines.   Rex has been called a glorified defensive coordinator, and this won’t help his cause for being referred to as a complete head coach.

When I hear Rex say things like this live, I just shake my head.  I would rather have him say no comment, but then again, that would have been taken to another level.  Just ask Geno how that went last month?  (Jets West)

Geno Smith Injures Ankle

Geno Smith’s play was cut short by the ankle injury, but the time he did play it seemed that Marty had the handcuffs on a little bit.  He was handing the ball off more than he was passing but when he did pass, the first 1st down was crisp and right on the money.

Although his numbers look decent — he completed six of seven passes for 47 yards — he was throwing mostly short and safe passes.  On his first run attempt, he tripped on his own foot which caused him to turn his ankle.

Paul Sancya/AP

“I was just hoping that it isn’t anything significant, which it isn’t,” he said, adding that had it been the regular season, he would have “definitely” gone back on the field.

“I’m the type guy, I’m not going to walk off that field unless they pull me off of it,” Smith said.

I was encouraged with…..

  • I think Ryan Spadola has a great chance to make this team.  He had a nice first down on the opening drive and then that INT happened on the next play.
  • Clyde Gates route running was exceptional and had a nice catch for 18 yards on the second drive.
  • Jeremy Kerley was his old elusive self.  Please stay healthy as he is one of the most consistent players on the team.
  • Jaiquawn Jarrett appears to be quickly gaining ground on Antonio Allen for the second starting safety spot. Rex said that he’ll be with the starters in practice this week.

I was disappointed with…..

  • DeMario Davis looked lost at times.  He looked out of place and was late to getting to some tackles.  The guy that’s supposed to replace Bart Scott has me a little worried.
  • The running game.  He have problems if we can’t stay healthy.  John Griffin is lost for the season with a leg fracture and I’m worried that Powell will burn out fast an every down back.  Joe McKnight didn’t make the trip with head injuries and Chris Ivory is still nursing that hammy.  I don’t think Mike Goodson will even play one down with the Jets at this point.
  • Penalties:  The offensive line especially had issues with focus.