Sanchez Replies to User on Twitter who Wishes ACL Tear

Sanchez Replies to User on Twitter who Wishes ACL Tear

Everyone is aware of the QB Competition between Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez.  Many Jets fans want the rookie to start over the incumbent.  For the most part people are civil on twitter, but now and then some people will take it WAY over the top.  Case in point, check out a tweet Mark Sanchez received and decided to acknowledge with a reply:

Mark_Sanchez Thanks for your support man! #classy RT @YOUNGSTOWN4LI4E .@Mark_Sanchez F*** YOU HOPE YOU TEAR YOUR ACL ON FRIDAY 8/7/13 8:57 PM

Reaction has been all over the place:

  1. Jets fans that are done with Mark as a QB for the Jets voiced their opinion and defended Mark, but then went out of their way to say that this doesn’t mean they still want him to start.
  2. Jets fans that are done with him and continued to dump on the QB.  They didn’t take it to this vile extreme like the tweet above, but they just used this as a platform to get up on the soap box and let it be known that Mark stinks.
  3. Jets fans came out of the woodwork to tell the QB that they have his back (off the field on twitter) and that he is resilient and stays classy.
  4. Jets fans who support Mark no matter what came out to give him a pep talk.

Regardless of the reply, MOST people condemned the type of tweet this “troll” tweeted at Sanchez.  For that matter, no one should wish hard on ANY human being.  It’s easy to be twitter tough behind a computer, isn’t it?

Eight days ago, Mark tweeted he was drinking coffee and got this:

Mark_Sanchez Hey thanks for ur support #oppositeday RT @FeenDaddy@Mark_Sanchez: Cup o’ joe” I hope there’s cyanide in that 7/30/13 4:09 PM

So people are saying why is Mark bringing attention to these trolls by RTing their vile posts and replying.  I don’t think he’s doing it to get sympathy from people, but it’s interesting to see what a celebrity has to deal with online or anywhere.  Remember Fireman Ed?  I just had a conversation on my podcast on Monday and we talked about Mark and haters this past Monday.

I’m not saying you have to want Sanchez to be the starter, I’m just asking you to show a little class.  Is that too much to ask?


  • Sandi Rhodes

    You are so right Erik! People get real tough when they are behind a computer screen. I remember when K.R. had the same problem. I can’t believe some people stoop so low to make comments like that.