Brandon Moore Retires; Reaction Tweets

Brandon Moore Retires; Reaction Tweets

All the talk is about Former Jets’ lineman Brandon Moore about his retirement, again.  Story broke last month that unsigned free agent Moore was going to retire but then late last night word was that we was going to sign a one year deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

Then Brandon changed his mind just as everyone was reporting that he signed.  The reason:  He didn’t want to leave his family for Texas.   I have mad respect.

If you followed Moore, you know that he was the consummate proprofessional and I wish the Jets had 10 Brandon Moores on the team.

Here has been the reaction on twitter:

Former lineman and teammate, Damien Woody:

damienwoody Congrats to my man Brandon Moore on retirement. It was the International House of Pancakes on that right side! #Ground&Pound 8/7/13 9:55 AM
damienwoody Brandon Moore was a true NFL success story….undrafted DL switched to OL & goes on to become one of the best in the game #Respect 8/7/13 10:10 AM

Former Jets Scout:

AskTheScout Brandon Moore a DL when he came to us.Sent him to NFL Europe to play OG.Came back a pro bowl player.Will miss him.He was a good leader a pro 8/7/13 9:58 AM

Reporters who spoke to him this morning:

RichCimini An emotional Brandon Moore tells me, after a sleepless night, he decided around 5 am he just couldn’t leave his family to sign w Dallas. 8/7/13 9:44 AM
MikeGarafolo Just got off the phone with Brandon Moore. After sleeping on it, he’s decided to retire rather than sign with the Cowboys. Story coming. 8/7/13 9:15 AM


toddarcher Thinking of a Parcells quote re Brandon Moore: if you’re thinking about retirement, you’ve retired. Better Cowboys found out now than later 8/7/13 9:24 AM
BrianCoz Jets should honor Brandon Moore. Great leader and player for them #NYJ 8/7/13 9:21 AM