Let the Jets Chant come back organically by the Fans

Let the Jets Chant come back organically by the Fans

The Jets chant:  J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!  Is it dead?  Did it die with Fireman Ed, or does it live?  Well the New York Jets are trying to keep it alive and I applaud their effort, but their solution gets a big fat F in my book.  Season ticket holders are starting to get their season tickets in the mail and one particular card that was included talks about the “New Tradition” of the Jets Chant.

Simply put, the Jets want to assign a letter to four areas of the stadium and then what I can only assume is with some technology from the video boards, try to get the crowd to play along.

The critical mistake the Jets are making (and I go into great detail on my podcast this morning) is that the Jets DO NOT OWN the chant, the fans do.  Well, the fans don’t own the chant either, (how can you own words), but the tradition of the chant and how it is implemented was organically created by the fans.

I understand why the Jets are trying to keep this alive.  When Ed left at the end of the season, the remaining home games were lackluster from a fan perspective.  There was an obvious void, the chant.  It was always used before kickoff to fire up the crowd.  When the Jets made a big play or scored, the chant was there with Fireman Ed getting us ready.

I’m not saying that Ed needs to come back, I’m saying that the Jets should leave this alone.  If it comes back, let the fans bring it back or recreate it organically again.  If you want us to be involved and keep it alive, let us feel like we “own it”, like how it’s always been.  Once you tell us how to implement it, you own it and for me at least, it’s a big turnoff.  I was checking out some other bloggers and most seem to be in my camp.  They hate the idea.  Here is Turn On the Jets reaction.

Some Fan reaction on twitter:

BigGreenRob @e_man ok, let’s practice… _-E-_-_ JETS JETS JETS… Nope, doesn’t work sorry @nyjets sorry @woodyjohnson4 #leaveitalone 8/1/13 11:24 AM
Bklyn_City @e_man always loved the chant 8/1/13 10:49 AM
RyanAlbanese @e_man ideally I agree… but i think it would take years before that sorted itself out. takes a BIG personality to lead 80k fans #jetschant 8/1/13 10:43 AM
N12jamiestuart @e_man So what do you want them to do? 8/1/13 10:16 AM
ACCatania @e_man as a season ticket holder, I think my section has been given ” E ” However, I still plan on chanting the J T and S 8/1/13 10:12 AM
Ferraro41 @e_man I hate to say it…but the fact that we’re talking about this is just soooo Jets. 8/1/13 10:11 AM
JoeCarlsonNJH @e_man Absolutely. Small groups will keep it going section by section, but on a full stadium level it’s over IMHO 7/31/13 10:21 PM
  • section104

    #bringbackthechant we need to keep it going, we don’t need the Jets FO to do this for us.