Collaborative Decision Making; Is it making a “Mountain out of a Mole Hill?”

Collaborative Decision Making; Is it making a “Mountain out of a Mole Hill?”

Rex Ryan, in defending his role on decisions when it concerns the depth chart, told the media on Sunday that they were “making a mountain out of a mole hill”.  But were they really, or is there something there in the tea leaves between GM John Idzik and his relationship with head coach Rex Ryan?

Typically when a new GM comes into an organization, he brings in a new head coach.  With Rex Ryan still at the helm, many pundits are claiming that he is a lame duck and this will be his last year unless Rex can pull off a miracle.  The definition of miracle varies, but to me he has to go to the playoffs.

Idzik said this on Saturday which started the questioning of what is Rex’s role and has it been diminished:

My role? Well, I have a pretty big role in that, I think we’re going to discuss that, much like we do anything. It’s going to be a collective opinion. We’re going to hash it out, and it’s not limited to quarterbacks. I know that’s front stage and center, but it’s every position, everything that we do. It could be discussing schemes, different approaches to training camp. I think you’ve noticed that we’ve changed our schedule around a little bit. We’ll discuss everything.”

John Idzik


  • Usually it is the coaches decision who starts.  The head coach and his staff decide the depth chart.  Idzik says he has a big role in that.
  • Idzik was pressed on who would have the final say, and John would not concede that Rex had the final say.
  • Last year, Rex had to make a change at QB and he stated that it was his decision and his decision alone.  He then said in his presser the next day that maybe he misspoke last year.  It sounded like he was spinning a little to me.  I think it really was his decision last year.  I don’t think Mike Tannenbaum had the last say as Idzik does this year.
  • In 2009, the coach said it was “strictly my decision” when he chose Sanchez over Kellen Clemens to be the starting quarterback.
  • Ryan also recently implied that the decision on the quarterback this preseason would be made by him “if there’s a split camp or whatever.” He backed off that, though, Sunday.
  • To be fair to Ryan, during the 2010 season, Ryan was shown on HBO’s hard knocks talking with Tannenbaum and his coaches with which guys to keep.


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    This could be an interesting storyline all year, what I wrote on Rex vs Idzik NY Jets: Drawing Lines In The Sand
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