A Dead Even QB Competition so Far?

A Dead Even QB Competition so Far?

It’s only four days into training camp, but there has been a tight QB competition so far with many Jets fans excited about what they are seeing from the rookie Geno Smith.

Brian Costello posted his tally of the QB stats (and yes I know many think these are meaningless), but be that as it may, it seems pretty tight.



Take these stats with a grain of salt, but we’ll know more when we see formations and real game action in the pre-season.  We know Mark isn’t really pulling away and lighting the world on fire, and we do know that Geno has a mega arm.

I have said that I believe that Mark will be the starter week 1 and then it’s anyone’s guess.  I did say though that the only way Geno starts is if HE LIGHTS THE WORLD ON FIRE.  He seems like he has the ability and desire to do it.

We now know that the decision to name starters isn’t only going to be with Rex Ryan, and OC Marty Mornhinweg and been praising the rookie:

Marty coaching up Geno

“Geno is an excellent athlete.  He’s really progressed at a high level.  He’s done this fast and it’s because he put in the hard work both on and off the field in preparation.  He’s done an outstanding job that way.  I know he’s got the mentality of if he can help the team in any way, he’ll do it.”


Mornhinweg added that Smith is “way ahead of the pace of a normal rookie,” and that Smith has the skills to get away with some mechanical flaws. - PFT


  • Jetsluva

    Look Mark has had every advantage. He had the playbook long before Geno. Mark had private tutoring in the WCO from Jeff Garcia. Mark had access to Marty and David Lee for longer than Geno as well. That’s enough to have given Mark the edge he needed, but despite all that he can’t outperform Geno. Not to mention Geno is the one making the biggest adjustment from college to the NFL and a shotgun spread O to taking the ball under center. Geno is the superior talent. The Jets have to think about the future as well as the present. Geno is the future and the present.

  • jets99

    If the Qb s are dead even this means our 5th year qb is as good as a rookie Doesnt look gook for Sanchez :)