7/27: Jets Training Camp Tweets Day 2 Recap

7/27:  Jets Training Camp Tweets Day 2 Recap

Day two at New York Jets Training camp, and here is a recap of the best tweets from fans, media and bloggers.  It looks like there are more fans in the stands due to the weekend.  This practice didn’t disappoint with more camp fights, a huge arm from Geno and more interceptions.  For yesterday’s recap, go visit here.

JPPelzman Another sparse crowd here today in Cortland. Like I said yesterday, tough 4 fans 2 commit to a long trip, hotel rooms, etc. in rough economy 7/27/13 10:41 AM
  • Chris Ivory is in uniform and looks like he would participate to some degree.  He was seen working with the trainers off to the side as practice was beginning.
  • Santonio Holmes walked to practice talking to General Manager John Idzik.  I wonder what they were talking about?  Holmes then did bike work.
  • CB Mike Edwards and DT Junior Aumavae are off the PUP list.
  • The Jets announced that they signed RB Chad Span, a veteran free agent from Northern Illnois.  He will wear 34.
  • Seth Walder posted a video of the LB drill.
  • The Jets officially placed CB Aaron Berry on injured Reserve.
Cnimbley Sanchez just hit Braylon on a 20 yard out, pass was behind Braylon but he made a great adjustment to snatch the ball and turn up field #Jets 7/27/13 10:53 AM



  • Jets defense doing nickel package walk throughs. As always, Rex Ryan has some interesting wrinkles according to @brian_bassett
  • KJ Stroud made a great catch on a fly route from Geno Smith which had everyone tweeting about.
  • Kristian Dyer reports that Powell and Griffin looked good in blocking drills, but Lex Hilliard did not.
  • Clyde Gates continues to shine, he beat Antonio Cromartie off the line.  He then later connected on a 50-yarder with Geno Smith.  Gates is really making a name for himself so far.
  • Vidal Hazelton and Cromartie with a major shoving match after some helmet-to-helmet contact. Fans love it. Cheering on Cro.
e_man Cromartie is going to single handedly whip these WR’s into shape. #Jets 7/27/13 11:12 AM
Brian_Bassett Lines doing run blocking drills. Peterman at RG and Colon at LG with the first team. #Jets #JetsCamp 7/27/13 11:01 AM
  • @eallenjets:  Sanchez takes over with the 1s in team for a second consecutive day.
  • @cgriffin415: Feels a lot more business-like today. There was a lot more joking around yesterday.
  • @cgriffin415: Sanchez just made a nice play escaping the pocket and finding Powell along the side.
  • @KristianRDyer: Ricky Sapp continues form from yesterday, very strong off the edge.
SethWalderNYDN Sanchez is with first team again today. However, David Lee said in offseason they give each guy 2 days before switching. #nyj 7/27/13 11:58 AM
  • @DWAZ73: Joe McKnight has been on a knee for a while during a break in practice. Trainer takes jersey off, puts towel on neck.
  • @KristianRDyer: Really enjoy watching Richardson. Good footwork, like the use of his hands. Comfortable inside, outside.
  • @SethWalderNYDN: Geno has a nice run on an option play, successfully juking Darrin Walls.
  • @eallenjets: Antwan Barnes gets a would-be sack of McElroy in team.
RichCimini Practice recap: Sanchez 9-for-16, 2 drops. Geno 3-for-9, 1 sack, 1 drop, 1 option run, long TD to uncovered Gates. Powell- 3 drops. #Jets 7/27/13 12:11 PM