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Nick Mangold has to be the most relaxed Jet on the Team

Nick Mangold has to be the most relaxed Jet on the Team

Nick Mangold is probably the most chill Jets player on the team.  He always makes light of any situation and some of his answers to the media yesterday as we arrived to Cortland NY for training camp were pretty funny.

BobGlauber Jets C Nick Mangold on training camp essentials: “Your pillow. That’s No. 1. And nail clippers … Ingrown toenails are going to kill you.” 7/25/13 8:03 PM

janesports Nick Mangold made it clear that he was not planning to run shirtless in the rain during training camp. “God no.” #Jets 7/25/13 7:38 PM

On the confidence he has in Coach Ryan…

“Rex (Ryan), I think has all the tools in his tool belt and he’s going to use them all. I’m excited to play for him. He’s the head coach and I’m excited to see how this training camp gets going and where we can go.”

On if he thinks the team has sufficient talent to be a playoff contender…

“Oh yeah, we have a great group of guys. We’ve just got to make sure we get everyone on the same page, get up to speed as quickly as possible and get going into this thing.”

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