New York Jets Training Camp Day 1 Highlights

New York Jets Training Camp Day 1 Highlights

The New York Jets held their first day of Training Camp in Cortland New York and there was one thing that was very noticeable:  Attendance.  I personally was at camp on the 2nd week and back then it was standing room only.  From the pictures I saw tweeted today, it looked like you could have laid down for a nap.

There is a lot of highlights and I can tell you that the fans were following every tweet from the people who were reporting live.  I couldn’t put my phone down.  I’ve taken the best content and summarized it for you here:

Not as crowded as last year. Some blame the fact that there is no Tebow. PC: Jane McManus

Here are the highlights of Day 1:

  • Geno Smith was the first QB to hit the field.  Does this matter?  NO, but that didn’t stop the media from making jokes.
  • While the Jets were warming up, Metallica’s Enter Sandman was blasting over the speakers.  (I’m a big fan)
  • The Jets opened up camp with Special Teams.
  • Joe McKnight who failed his physical yesterday, passed it today and RBs coach Anthony Lynn said he was on the NFI for an undisclosed medical issue.  Lynn says that he is in EXCELLENT physical condition.
  • Woody Johnson was at practice.
  • Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes were seen by the tub area chatting it up.  Probably catching up on some old glory days of the “Flight Boys”
  • WR’s Coach Sanjay Lal was seen off to the side working with Stephen Hill.  Later, Braylon Edwards was seen working closely with the WR as well.  The more help he can get, the better.  I’m expecting Hill to be a stud.
  •  The  stands were empty but there was one Geno sign, and one LOUD and obnoxious guy supporting Mark Sanchez.
  • Chris Ivory, the Jets top RB, is on the stationary bike next to Santonio Holmes and Rontez Miles at practice. Not sure what his ailment was.
  •  It looks like Braylon Edwards got his #17 back from Jordan White.  I’m guessing White is going back to #89 for the 2nd time.
  • Reporters were stating that Braylon looked VERY sharp working with the other receivers.  Mark Sanchez on Edwards:  “Braylon looked like he never left.  He looked good”.
  • Rex Ryan kept his camp tradition alive by wearing his Chuck Taylors.

Rex wearing his green Chuck Taylors – Photo Credit: Rich Cimini

  • Geno Smith said that he’s comfortable with the playbook but cautioned that “It’s like learning the dictionary.  You’ll never know everthing”.  Geno then commented on Mark saying “Mark was out there being accurate.  Being his normal self”.  Geno said that Mark helping him out speaks volumes about his character.  Geno was asked if he would do the same and he replied “Of Course”.
  • What would be a highlight without QB stats:  Sanchez was 8 of 11 with 2 Sacks.  Smith was 4 of 7 with a sack and fumble (recovered).  Let it be noted though that Mark worked exclusively with the first team and Geno with the 2′s.
  • At the end of practice there was light shoving ensues after Geno Smith was stripped sacked and knocked down. Garay and Shugarts started it.
  • Quinton Coples was heard as he was chasing down Geno Smith yelling “You’re not that fast!”.  After he got him he yelled, “No-yard gain!  No-yard gain!”.  It was said that Geno was struggling with ball placement.  He had difficulty hitting his receivers in stride.
  • Geno was working on the hard count, he drew the D off three times.
  • Sanchez threw one INT but it was characterized as a “Gimmie”.  He hit Winslow and it popped out of his hands into Garay’s mitts.
  • Geno threw a pretty 40 yard pass in coverage to Stephen Hill.
  • The Jets put restrictions on what the press can photograph and tweet.  Seems that some of the press are not happy that no restrictions are placed on fans who have the same access.
  • Cromartie and Hill had a heated exchange of words after some questionable coverage during the 11 on 11 drills.
  • Braylon Edwards said that Geno Smith and Russell Wilson are the best rookie QBs he has seen in terms of leadership and approach.  Braylon said that it is evident that Geno game here to START.
  • Santonio Holmes was asked if he’ll play this season:  “I can’t answer that right now”.  Wow.
  • Mark Sanchez thinks the environment around the Jets is calmer and more business-like due to new general manager John Idzik.