Jets Players Arrive in Cortland for Training Camp

Jets Players Arrive in Cortland for Training Camp

The New York Jets training camp is here and players reported to Cortland New York on Thursday afternoon.  The players walked the path to their dorm rooms and as usually, the media was there waiting for them and pounced.  With SO much information coming at you at lighting speed, here is a summary of what we know so far:

Highlights from the Jets Beat Writers:


  • Braylon Edwards “I came to Start”; “We’re here to ball”.   He is 13 pounds lighter than he was at end of the season and credits criticism from Mike Tannenbaum (By the way, I spoke to Mike today) last year as motivating him to lose weight. Down from 228 to 215, he says “100 percent healthy” and the Jets “definitely” can be a playoff team if “guys stay in their lane”.  Rex Ryan said that Braylon will be on a pitch count.
  • Mike Goodson did not report to camp and was placed on the Reserve – did not report list, and Rex Ryan said in a statement they know the reason why.  (that would be the gun and drug event over the summer)
  • Joe McKnight was placed on the active PUP list and will count towards the roster.  Once he passes a physical, he’s good to go.
  • The Jets have also waived two players with injury settlements: DL Jake McDonough and WR Thomas Mayo.
  • Mark Sanchez on QB competition: “I’m confident the coaches will make the right decision for the team.”   Mark will be rooming with Nick Mangold this year.  On signing Edwards, Sanchez said “Signing Braylon yesterday was big for us.”
  • Rex says he hopes Holmes is cleared soon.  He said that “I’m in it to win it”.  Rex said some vets like Braylon Edwards and Willie Colon will be on pitch count like LaRon Landry was last year.  Rex not sure when Dee Milliner will arrive. “I’m a little disappointed he’s not here. I’ll coach the guys who are here.”  Rex would not comment if he has a deal or if they are close.   So far Milliner hasn’t taken his physical.
  • Rex on Geno Smith: “One thing he doesn’t have to worry about is getting a fair shot.”  So then Geno was asked and he expects to win the job: “I expect to have a shot.”  Geno said he wouldn’t consider it a failure if he doesn’t win the starting QB job.
  • Nick Mangold:  “I don’t pay attention to projections because they don’t mean squat come December.”



  • Jeff Roland


  • Shawn

    Seems like Milliner is more like Revis then we thought. He’s already on his first holdout!!!

    • E.Diddy

      Exactly what I was thinking… Agents suck.

  • Barry Leeper

    I guess we all know who has an inflated ego on the Jets, yup, Milliner!!
    The circus is officially in town and Milliner is in the spot light in the center
    To quote a Yankee player back in the 1970′s about Reggie Jackson ” There
    is not enough mustard in the world for that hot dog”!
    Ladies and gentlemen meet the new Reggie Jackson of the Jets……
    Dee Milliner, there won’t be enough mustard for that hot dog either!!!
    The Jets just can’t catch a break it seems they always sign the “freaks” and
    this is just another “freak” signed for this years circus tour.