Antonio Cromartie Reenters the Twittersphere

Antonio Cromartie Reenters the Twittersphere

He’s back, DB Antonio Cromartie reappeared on twitter yesterday with his new account @A_Cromartie31 .  Cro has always been a controversial figure on twitter appearing on ESPN and all the football shows for things he’s been saying on twitter in the past.  I don’t think we are going to see the same player online however.  He’s been stepping up as a leader and I think it will extend to twitter.

Here is the fan reaction when he left twitter in May of 2012.

Many people were questioning if it really was #31 and look at the tweet below. @iluvTERRICKA is Cro’s wife and she RTed his tweet so just wait, the verified check will show up soon enough.  Too bad Cro lost all his followers and he needs to start all over again with building his base.

iluvTERRICKA You guys asked for it & i made it happen now go Follow RT @A_Cromartie31: WHATS GOING ON JETS NATION IM BACK! 7/24/13 12:13 AM



Here are some of the controversial stories in past from Cro & and his wife from twitter: