Pro Football Focus Ranks 3 Jets Players as Elite; Sanchez Ranks “Poor”

Pro Football Focus Ranks 3 Jets Players as Elite; Sanchez Ranks “Poor”

Pro Football Focus has put out a phenomenal chart and article about ranking the “Elite” players on the New York Jets roster.   Antonio Cromartie, Nick Mangold and Mo Wilkerson, according to their ranking system, are considered Elite in their system.  I totally agree.  One player was labeled bad and YES it was our QB Mark Sanchez.

If you are not familiar with the site, it’s the be-all end-all for statistics in the NFL (as far as I’m concerned).

Since 2008, Pro Football Focus has been a source for the most comprehensive look at the NFL available anywhere, truly living up to their tag line:


PFF What’s this? @PFF_Neil ‘s working a w/end? Both sets N.Y. fans can see his work grading their starters #Giants #jets 7/13/13 11:16 AM

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– This is a very lop-sided roster, with some absolutely fabulous blue-chippers mixed in with a lot of sub-optimal players. I don’t think there’s another team in the NFL with this dichotomy of personnel.

– Watch out for the right side of the line if things work out as above. Both Peterman and Howard’s grades have been bolstered significantly because of good work as run blockers, but Peterman gave up 46 QB disruptions as a guard, the most in the NFL, while Howard gave up 20 Sanchez knockdowns, more than a third of the total.

– The grade for Holmes is generous based on pure delivery during his last few years, but I am factoring in the standard of quarterback play he’s had to endure.

– I’m sure there are a number of Jets fans questioning the grade for David Harris, but we’ve been telling people for years his reputation is based on numbers not delivery. He’s a clean-up guy that feasted off the magnificent group in front of him and now that is in decline even long-time Harris fans have to acknowledge he’s not what they thought. His last three overall grades have been -6.4 in ’10, -2.3 in ’11 and -15.2 last year.


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