Geno Smith a No Show at Jets West

Geno Smith a No Show at Jets West

Per sources, Geno Smith will not be attending Mark Sanchez’s personal camp called “Jets West” in California this week. Depending on what player you support, you may have a different view.

New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith will not attend Mark Sanchez’s annual “Jets West” camp, a league source confirmed to

Instead of attending Sanchez’s chemistry-building camp for the Jets’ offensive players, Smith is working out in Florida, according to the New York Daily News. Multiple media reports said Smith was not in attendance at Jets West on Thursday, the first official practice in Southern California.

1. If you are pro Geno, you think this is a great move, that the young rookie QB is doing his own thing.

2. If you are a Sanchez supporter, you think this is a snub and that Geno is displaying some arrogance.

3. Or you are in the third party, and this is no big deal, period.


Photo: Jordon White

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  • Jetsluva

    Man people are gonna hate on Geno anyway. I actually thought at 1st that it was a good thing for Geno to go to Jets West, but now I think what Geno is saying is that i’m not coming to pal around with you Mark. I gunning to take your job!!! I think it’s best from here on out to separate himself and focus on winning the starting QB job. He’s so close he can probably taste it. To start for an NFL team is what it’s all about. I wouldn’t want to waste time being friendly with Mark either. It’s only a few days with his teammates that hasn’t made a difference for the Jets the last 2 yrs, so screw it.

    • Erik Manassy

      I think you are correct.. They shouldn’t be buds. He’s going to try to change Mark’s livelihood!