Is it a BIG deal if Geno Smith doesn’t attend Mark Sanchez’s Jets West?

Is it a BIG deal if Geno Smith doesn’t attend Mark Sanchez’s Jets West?

UPDATE:  Looks like Geno is in FL according to this tweet:

iamSB3 About to head out to the alma Mater “Miramar University with main man @GenoSmith7. Going to show love 7/10/13 9:24 AM

Jets West, Mark Sanchez’s camp that he has been running since 2010, starts up this week.

The big question on everyone’s mind is will Geno Smith be there?

Someone pointed out to me on twitter that they saw a picture of Geno working out in Florida yesterday and Antonio Brown from the Steelers posted a picture:


Geno Should Go

Here is my take.  Anytime you have a chance to hang out with YOUR wide receivers and gel, you should go.  This has nothing to do with Mark Sanchez himself.  Geno doesn’t need to learn anything from Mark.  Geno needs to put reps in that make sense, again with his own players.

Yes this isn’t mandatory and certainly isn’t sanctioned by the Jets and the NFL, but it just looks bad for Geno Smith.  I know, all the Mark Sanchez haters will automatically disagree with me and that’s fine.  You don’t like #6 and you never will.  You take Geno snubbing Mark’s camp as a “cool” thing and you back it 100%.  Fine.  I’m not going to change your mind.

But answer me this:  Aren’t REPS with your potential WR’s (I’m convinced Geno will be a starter sometime this year) a good thing?

This has nothing to do with money either.  Mark Sanchez PAYS for everyone’s way and stay.  So why wouldn’t Geno go?  I hope for his sake and the Jets sake, he goes.  Mark extended an invitation to Geno, just like he did Tim Tebow last year (who did go), and it would look arrogant of Geno to not attend.

Some of the Jets players posted on twitter that they were flying on Tuesday to California for Jets West.

Jets WR #85 – Ryan Spadola

DolaOcho Off to Cali ✌ NJ 7/9/13 7:05 AM
e_man@DolaOcho: Off to Cali ✌ NJ” >> Jets West, correct? 7/9/13 7:07 AM
DolaOcho @e_man yea time to get some work in 7/9/13 1:14 PM
e_man@DolaOcho:  nice… 7/9/13 1:39 PM

Jets WR – #17 Jordan White

_JordanWhite Jets West 7/9/13 8:43 AM
_JordanWhite I GOT MY CLEATS ON IN THE AIRPORT 7/9/13 9:01 AM