Kellen Winslow Jr. Most Likely Will be the Top TE for the Jets

Kellen Winslow Jr. Most Likely Will be the Top TE for the Jets

The Jets signed  Kellen Winslow Jr. to a contract just one day after their mandatory minicamp, the team announced Friday evening.

I absolutely love this move.  Let’s face it, I wasn’t (still are not) enamored with our TE depth.  Love him or hate him, Dustin Keller was our top TE and you have to believe that Winslow now takes over as the #1 option despite being out of football last year.

KellenWinslowJr Feels great great to be a Jet! I’m excited to help this team any way I can. #JETS #NO EXCUSES 6/14/13 7:03 PM

Extra – The Jets Twit Podcast is Back.  My thoughts on Kellen.

Winslow’s last full year was in 2011 where he had 75 catches.  Looking at the stats at Pro Football Focus and the receptions by direction, Kellen is most effective 0-9 yards (typical for a TE).


  • In his last full season (2011) with Tampa, he dropped 6 balls but caught 75.
  • He had 772 yards of which 254 was YAC.
  • He only had 2 TDs and fumbled twice.

When I look at his stats, let’s assume that Mark Sanchez is your starter, I can easily see Kellen as Mark’s new safety net.  He’s not a fast receiver but he’s the guy that gets the first down and catches just about everything thrown his way.

If you know Mark Sanchez, he’s stuck in this mode where he loves to throw short after going through all his progressions.  This signing makes perfect sense also because the Jets are lacking tight end talent, and the switch to the West Coast offense that utilizes short throws.