Does it Make you Less of a Jets fan if you Keep Talking about Tebow?

Does it Make you Less of a Jets fan if you Keep Talking about Tebow?

Nothing irks me more than someone telling me what I should tweet about or I’m spending too much on a topic.  Yes this has to do with Tim Tebow, and I get it, Jets fans want to move on, well most of them.  I do too, but when my Timeline is getting flooded with Tebowmania, I can’t help but read and then something amazing happens.  Yes, HUMAN THOUGHT.  So I get a thought and without really thinking about it, I tweet (Maybe I shouldn’t but we all do it).

That’s what’s great about twitter.  You can tweet just about anything at any moment.  Here’s another great thing about twitter.  If you like or dislike a tweet from someone you follow, you have the power to “Mute Them” (depending on your app), or unfollow.

So I’m a Jets fan, and I was adding my two sense about the situation about Tebow signing with one of our most hated rivals, the Patriots.  Does this make me less of a Jets fan because I choose NOT to move on like some other fans?  No.  Should I move on, Yes, but I’ll do it on my terms.

It’s hard NOT to talk about Tim Tebow when every other tweet, every channel, newspaper, and human being is talking about Tebowmania.  Not bad for a third string QB, right?

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    And I don’t see how a Jets fan could NOT think about him occasionally when Rex Ryan fielded 10 Tebow questions out of 24 at his press conference. That’s nuts! When that stops happening, maybe the Jets fans can move on.