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Coples Not Worried about Tight Ends

Coples Not Worried about Tight Ends

So we have heard all about Quinton Coples making the jump from defensive end to outside linebacker and I’ve been wondering if this is going to work.  Obviously Quinton has all the confidence in the world.  In the Daily News this morning when asked about if Gronk and Keller, Tight Ends from the AFC East, are going to be an issue, his simple response:  ”Dustin Keller?  I won’t him get off the line.

Functionally, Coples’ role will primarily stay the same: he’ll rush the passer on most plays. But now that the first-round draft pick (16th overall) in 2012 is standing up instead of having his hand in the dirt on all downs, he’ll have to diversify his skills. Coples, at 6-6, 285, said he sees his extra size as an advantage in coverage. Fellow OLB Antwan Barnes, by comparison, weighs in at 250 pounds.

I usually have been calling switching players from their natural positions as “science projects”, think Cromartie as a WR and McKnight as a CB.  This really isn’t the same thing as he’s staying on the D, and let’s face it, he will STILL from time to time put his hand in the dirt.

Coples is very athletic and he’s very fast.  Once he knows his assignment, studies the playbook and gets his reps in, it will be just a matter of repetition before it gets locked in as a natural position for Q.