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Cro the Mentor?

Cro the Mentor?

Antonio Cromartie is usually the brunt of most jokes because of the CB’s past, specifically known as the NFL’er with a ton of kids.  The climatic joke was when he was on Hard Knocks and it appeared (key word, appeared) that he couldn’t remember all his kids names, but the producers set him up and edited to make it look like he was struggling.

Anyway, the word on the street is that Cro is mentoring any rookie that will listen to him about the pitfalls of being in the NFL and specifically coming into a ton of money.  The league has an official program where the rookies are required to attend and one of the sessions is about financial responsibility.  This is exactly where Cro wants to make it known to his younger teammates, that it’s important to wait about a year to two years before going on spending sprees.

Cro fell into the trap of spending money on Cars, Jewelry and giving it away to so called “friends” and relatives in droves.
I applaud Cromartie for stepping up as a leader ON the field and now it appears OFF the field.  A year ago I would have called you crazy if you said Cro is a role model, but a guy can change his mind, right?  

Hey, I’m all about redemption and Cro has been out of trouble and it truly appears that he is more responsible off the field.  I hope some of the other Jets players who had been in trouble in the past take a page out of Cro’s book.   I’m looking at you Goodson.