Manish Mehta leaves the Jets Beat; Moves to Inside NFL Writer

Manish Mehta leaves the Jets Beat; Moves to Inside NFL Writer

It looks like Jets Beat Writer Manish Mehta is moving on from the New York Jets Football beat.  Jason McIntyre broke the news from his twitter account from the @TheBigLead.  Some NFL media picked up on the tweet and wished Manish well.

TurnOnTheJets Sounds like Manish moving off #Jets to beat to NFL writer role with NYDN (similar to Hubbuch with Post) guessing Walder moves to beat 5/25/13 11:39 AM
e_man Somehow I don’t think Jets fans are sad. 5/25/13 11:47 AM

There was a time when I used to call Rich Cimini and Manish Mehta the Ying and the Yang of the Jets beat.  Rich played the pessimistic role well and believe it or not, Manish was (still is) a very good writer when he isn’t get caught up with what his editors want him to write about ie: Tebow etc.

I can’t imagine that Manish WANTED to engross himself with the “circus” but maybe I’m just wrong and it had nothing to do with what sold papers.  Maybe Manish really like the circus.

With Manish off the beat, I think it’s safe to say that Rich will be getting all the heat (like he has been).  So this begs the question:  Who do you really enjoy reading of the Jets beat writers?  Is there anyone?  CHIME IN ON THE COMMENTS BELOW and I’ll tweet out some answers.

Here is some Fan Reaction:

TheMikeDonnelly I understand why @MMehtaNYDN rubbed some fans the wrong way, but now that he’s off the beat he won’t have to appease bosses w/ Tebow crap 5/25/13 11:54 AM
AlbertBreer Per @TheBigLead, @MMehtaNYDN moving off the Jets beat, into NFL Insider role at NY Daily News. Congrats, bro! 5/25/13 11:52 AM
George_Zoulis @e_man thank god!!!! It’s about damn time. Wonder if all the anonymous source stories will leave with @MMehtaNYDN as well 5/25/13 11:49 AM
MarcSesslerNFL Good news from @TheBigLead… Happy for @MMehtaNYDN — he’ll do a fine job — one of the NFL’s great beat writers, good guy, too. 5/25/13 11:48 AM
RapSheet A new role for @MMehtaNYDN. Cool RT @TheBigLead NYDN ‘NFL Insider’ (w focus on big-picture Jets stuff) similar to Bedard’s old role @ Globe 5/25/13 11:45 AM
  • Dean Barbella

    ErIk Manassy quotes anonymous sources, Manish Mehta moves onto Inside NFL job. ;)

  • Bughbye

    Aww… too bad Manish won’t be able to quote more anonymous sources bashing the Jets. Opps.. he still can but now the entire NFL is fair game.

  • Iain Bartholomew

    Manish and Rich were never the problem. The Daily News, the Post and ESP are the problem. Whoever takes over will be given the same agenda to push.

  • Jetfan

    Dont let the door hit you in the ass!