Quotes: The Jets Quarterback Competition

Quotes:  The Jets Quarterback Competition

So the Jets go into camp with a QB Controversey, but is there really one?  Many people think it’s over before it begins saying that Mark Sanchez is going to ride the pine and the Jets drafted Rookie Geno Smith so he can start immediately.  Is that really true though?

It seems that the players in the locker room are ready to move on, but take it with a grain of salt, it’s Mr. Anonymous again.   But don’t worry, I know someone is going to tell me to “Let it Play Out”.

NFL_AM Has Mark Sanchez already lost the quarterback competition with the Jets? We want your #ViewerFeedback now! 5/24/13 7:08 AM
e_man@NFL_AM: No but it sounds like people are hoping he does 5/24/13 7:09 AM
Marty Mornhinweg

“We don’t care what the prevailing thought is, we only care about our competition here. Common sense tells you that you hope it’s quick, but this is going to be a full-blown competition. Period.”

Marty Mornhinweg QB Competition
Rex Ryan

“Look, it’s only an OTA practice, it’s a new offense, there’s a learning curve.”


Rex Ryan on how his two QB's performed so far in OTAs

On whether the Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez getting the majority of the reps is an indication that the quarterback competition is a two-man race…

Again, there’s going to be competition. Each day would vary as far as what you’re putting in. You can probably say the same thing about any other position with a third group. I think the numbers were probably dispersed fairly evenly to that as well.

Mark Sanchez

“I’m shaking the rust off a little bit.   Getting back into the swing of things, especially with a lot of young guys.”


Mark Sanchez on the three Interceptions he threw in OTAs