Does Social Media put Pressure on Athletes?

Does Social Media put Pressure on Athletes?

I love the fact that I can see a quick tweet that asks a question or puts a thought into my brain. I typically see it before I head off into work, and then I process it for my 40+ minute commute. Today was such a day when the NFL AM account asked if the New York Jets were putting too much pressure on Mark Sanchez. Specifically, they were asking if keeping stats in OTAs was too much for Mark.

It’s a valid question, but I think they are targeting the wrong group here, it’s not that the team keeps the stats (which they do), it’s that the media keep their own tally but make it live via social media. That’s the culprit right there: LIVE STATS that hit the fans via twitter. Have you ever searched on tweets sent to a player? Mark threw his third interception and the tweets that were being sent to him were horrific.

The media also then writes a story focusing on these OTA numbers. Do you know I came into work this morning and NON-Jets fans came up to me and told me that Sanchez sucks. I asked them based on what, and they said he threw 3 interceptions and that they read the article online.

I hope Mark has enough sense not to read twitter. I wouldn’t. Anyone in any spotlight is going to come under scrutiny. Look at Lebron James. The guy is WINNING and is the best talent and the haters come on in droves.

So the question isn’t do keeping stats on OTAs put pressure on Sanchez or any athlete for that matter, instead I believe it’s social media. Social media gets the news out faster than any other means, period. Once a valid source tweets Sanchez throws an interception and the right people are watching, it go viral in a matter of minutes and filter to all the other mediums. By the time Mark gets back to the locker room and turns on his phone, he’s been the topic of discussion by many.

SOCIAL MEDIA puts pressure on Mark Sanchez. End of Story.

  • subzero2401

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Social media creates pressure for Mark Sanchez where it wouldn’t otherwise exist. The media is to blame for that. However, it is incumbent upon Sanchez to respond by raising his level of play, improving his game, and proving his critics wrong. That is essentially what separates Mark from Eli. Eli was able to respond by getting better. Mark seems to be getting worse. There’s a lot riding on the next few months.

    • Erik Manassy

      Every player on every team has this problem. Are you saying that the NY media is targeting Mark?