Goodson Tells Jets Brass Items in Car were not His

Goodson Tells Jets Brass Items in Car were not His

Mike Goodson told the Jets brass that the loaded gun with hollow points AND the drugs weren’t t his and that’s the way he’s going to plead, not guilty.

The running back was found on RT80 in NJ on Friday Morning and was all the talk this weekend while the fan base and the rest of the NFL wait to see how the Jets handle the situation.  I personally think it’s going to be a long drawn out process.

Think back to the Michael Vick Case:

The Jets can’t recover money from Goodson unless he’s still on the roster. That’s why the Falcons never released Mike Vick after he was incarcerated for dogfighting in 2007; to recover bonus money paid to Vick (and to get the cap credit that goes along with it), the Falcons had to hold their nose and refrain from cutting Vick. – PFT

Mike also has his hearing during the Jets first mini-camp:

The key date in the process comes on June 12, when Goodson will have a pre-trial hearing.  As pointed out by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, that falls in the middle of the team’s mandatory minicamp.  If Goodson misses practice to attend the hearing, the Jets could penalize Goodson, at a minimum with a fine. – PFT

So my initial gut reaction (and I mean seconds after it happened – listen to it on the JetsBlog Podcast) was to cut the RB if the gun and drugs were his. Now that I had a couple of days to digest the news, Mike is claiming that the gun with hollow points were not his. You know what: I believe him.

Seth Walder from the NY Daily news was tweeting some interesting facts about the case earlier today:

SethWalderNYDN Mike Goodson’s pre-trial hearing now confirmed for June 12. #nyj 5/21/13 9:48 AM
SethWalderNYDN Police saying gun’s ownership is still under active investigation. #nyj 5/21/13 10:05 AM
SethWalderNYDN Joe Afflito, Garant Evans’ attorney, says 2nd degree unlawful possession of handgun requires proof of intent to use against person or prop. 5/21/13 2:15 PM
SethWalderNYDN Goodson is a first offender, Garant Evans isn’t. 5/21/13 2:16 PM
SethWalderNYDN Afflito said his understanding is that the weapon was locked in the vehicle’s glove compartment. #nyj 5/21/13 2:19 PM
SethWalderNYDN Afflito, who was retained last night by Evans, said he doesn’t know who the gun belongs to. #nyj 5/21/13 2:24 PM
SethWalderNYDN Goodson’s lawyer: “If anybody gets convicted of one of these (gun) charges, I would say prison.” #nyj 5/21/13 2:53 PM