Jets RB Mike Goodson arrested for drugs, and weapon

Jets RB Mike Goodson arrested for drugs, and weapon

Jets running back Mike Goodson was arrested last night according to News 12 New Jersey for weapons and drug possession while intoxicated as a passenger in a SUV.

He was taken to the Hospital when marijuana was found on his possession.

The question now is, what will the Jets do?

I believe John Idzik needs to flex his muscles and make a bold statement by releasing the player. Yes, players in the NFL and the Jets have had charges similar to this, but a culture change must me made for this Jets team.

Idzik has already parted ways with two players earlier this year for drug charges but we are dealing with a bigger “fish” in Goodson.

It’s ironic that yesterday was dominated by another RB’s quotes, Joe McKnight stating that the Jets would have to kill him to get him off the roster due to a competive backfield. Looks like Joe can breathe a little easier if the Jets decide to part ways with Goodson.

I don’t know about you, but it’s tough being a Jets fan with news like this dominating our past seasons. I am becoming numb to these stories and all I can do is shrug. If the Jets do nothing to send a message, I’ll know that nothing really has changed and behavior like this will be the norm in the Jets locker room.

John, show me something.