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Steve Smith Takes Cheap Shot at Mark Sanchez

Steve Smith Takes Cheap Shot at Mark Sanchez

Panther’s Wide Receiver Steve Smith took a shot at the Jets QB while co-hosting a show on Charlotte radio station WFNZ.

“I wouldn’t let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich.”

Why the heck is this guy even talking about one of our quarterbacks?  I don’t know the context of the conversation Smith was having but to say Mark sucks is poor form, even if his play has been sub-par.

So Steve Smith, I’ll say what Mark Sanchez can’t say without getting slammed….. SHUT UP.  Sanchez had to take the high road and remained professional.

I guess Smith wanted a piece of the circus.

Some Fan reaction on Twitter

jetwoz @e_man Sanchez may be a poor QB …. But he’s OUR poor QB .. Smith can suck balls .. 5/16/13 2:47 PM
seb_sy @jetstwit smith talking shit but doesn’t realizes he’s taken balls from worse Qbs. The f&ck he think he is talking shit about our QB. 5/16/13 5:43 PM
jetswhispers @PimPeriaL24 Joseph, don’t you think Steve Smith has enough to worry about with his own team? 5/16/13 8:32 PM
_rowe Mark Sanchez might suck but he’s been nothing but a class act. Bush league for Steve Smith to say anything about him. 5/16/13 8:28 PM

In other news….

The headband is back.  Yay.