“Let it play out”

“Let it play out”

If I had a nickel for every time someone said “Let it play out” in reference to anything Jets I’d be on my yacht right now writing this blog. Ok so I’m exaggerating but I do see this reply a lot in tweets, Facebook pages, and blogs.

What fun is it being a sports fan if you can’t offer an opinion or make a prediction! When I make a bold prediction, I get this type of reply. I personally think the “circus” label has taken it’s toll and it is the reason that some fans react with this phrase.

I can remember in the past making predictions such as who a starter may be with no fan fair. I think that bloggers with readership tend to get lumped into the media and I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m a fan, LIKE YOU, who just happens to have a voice through my blog.

So the next time I make a prediction of the Jets record in March (4-12 BTW), or say my gut feeling is that Geno Smith will be the starter, pause for one moment before you reply with”Let it play out”.

I know it has to play out, but just think how boring the Internet would be if we only “Let it play out”. Making predictions, offering opinions and showing emotions is what social media is all about. Being a Jets fan with the coverage we get from the media magnifies the experience, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Go.

  • subzero2401

    I was one of the (apparently) few Jets fans who thought Garrard would open the season as the starter, Geno would be brought along slowly, and Sanchez was potentially the odd man out.
    As it turns out, I probably should have…well, let it play out. LOL

    • http://twitter.com/GstatMerc Kyle

      No you weren’t sir! I had Garrard starting with Geno coming in before or after the Bye really. Generally when he was full on ready to take over.

      • http://twitter.com/jetstwit JetsTwit

        I was one of them as well. I was hoping David would have won the starting job and by mid-season Geno would pick it up while Mark stayed on the sideline with the clip board.