David, We Hardly Knew Ya

David, We Hardly Knew Ya

Now that David Garrard retired without even taking a snap for the New York Jets, the question is how does this change the quarterback situation?

Some will say that Mark Sanchez is now safe and it is his job to lose. Others hope the rookie Geno Smith can knock it out of the park in training camp to get the nod as the starter. Then there are the dreamers who still believe Greg McElroy has a legitimate chance to be the starter. Lets not even mention that Simms guy.

With a two year hiatus and injuries that plaques Garrard, I really felt that it would take a miracle for him to be the guy over Sanchez and Smith. I guess my wish was to have Garrard to start for half the season and then turn the reigns over to Smith. Sanchez seems like its over for his career, at least in NY, and was going to hold the clip board.

Now that we are down to four quarterbacks, it would be foolish for the Jets to part ways with Sanchez this year (I never thought they would do that anyway). Idzik could always bring in a veteran single caller back into the mix from the waiver wire or trade, but what are the options?

I said this before and I’ll say it again: My gut is telling me Geno will be the starter in week one. What am I basing this on? Just a feeling.