My Thoughts on the Jets Drafting QB Geno Smith

My Thoughts on the Jets Drafting QB Geno Smith

Geno Smith is a New York Jet!  To say that the NFL nation was surprised is an understatement, but is this selection the beginning of the end for many of the quarterbacks on the current roster?  We shall see, but it’s obvious that Mark Sanchez has been put on notice.  In fact, Adam Shefter reports that the Jets are looking at the possibility of just releasing #6.  We’ll find out soon enough, but first… our new guy:

GenoSmith_12 I left it in Gods hands! Proud Jet! J E T S !!!! 4/26/13 9:11 PM

Geno Smith has a HUGE chip on his shoulder.  He may or may not start for gang green this year, but I guarantee you this, when he finally does play, he’s going to work to prove everyone that passed on him what a mistake they made.

I didn’t like the Jets picking Smith and 9 or 13, but at 39, you can’t complain too much.  For me, I’ve been saying that the Jets will need two years to right this ship, and I personally felt that the franchise QB could be had in next year’s draft.

Geno the Jet!

Make no mistake though, I’m rooting for this guy.  If you wear the green and white, you are MY guy (unless you do something that’s detrimental to the team).  Yes, my timeline is showered with “No Geno” but in 140 characters, I can’t explain exactly why I didn’t want the Jets to select him.  Again, I feel 2013 is part I and 2014 is part II of the new Jets.   With 6 QB’s on this roster, there obviously is going to be a purge of signal callers.

GenoSmith_12 Just want to thank all those so called “experts” who say I can’t be an NFL QB. Thursday will be a special day but the work has only begun 4/23/13 3:18 PM
GenoSmith_12 “I go to my grave with the memories of the sacrifices you made, you deserve a standing ovation” Momma I made it !!!! 4/25/13 12:31 PM

Geno has a Chip! I love that he’s got the fire.


  • Reverend Bill

    Still trying to figure out why Idzik would bring a QB into Mornhinweg’s system with Rex’s job status in question. If there is a chance that of new HC of the NYJ a year from now,wouldn’t the new guy would want his own staff ? Just as #6 has had to learn three systems in three seasons, so then the process would repeat with Smith. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I’m thinking Rex get extention.

  • Duh Jets

    Why dont we go out and get Barkley or Nassib now so we can have 7 qBs