Jets CB Isaiah Trufant [@IsaiahTrufant] Joins Twitter

Jets CB Isaiah Trufant [@IsaiahTrufant] Joins Twitter

Jets cornerback Isaiah Trufant has joined Twitter 19 days ago.  Isaiah is coming off as a twitter pro right out of the gate.  His profile is verified with the official check, he’s been posting pictures of he and his brothers, and he converses with the fans.

As of this posting he has over 500 followers and climbing.

He is the younger brother of Marcus Trufant who is currently with the Seattle Seahawks. He is the older brother of Desmond Trufant, a cornerback starting for the University of Washington Huskies in 2012.

Trufant was placed on injured reserve on November 13, 2012 after suffering a knee injury against the Seattle Seahawks on November 11


IsaiahTrufant 3x Tru down at the sr bowl! Des was ballin!! @marcustrufant #teamTRU 1/21/13 5:55 PM
MistyDawn3 @IsaiahTrufant @MarcusTrufant u r all amazing!! 1/22/13 12:45 AM
IsaiahTrufant @MistyDawn3 @marcustrufant I appreciate that!! :) 1/22/13 4:38 PM