Former Lineman Marcus Dixon Tweets Deal with Kansas City Chiefs

Former Lineman Marcus Dixon Tweets Deal with Kansas City Chiefs

Former New York Jets Defensive Lineman Marcus Dixon signs a one year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to his agent Howard Shatsky.  Read all the JetsTwit coverage of Marcus Dixon while he was a Jet here.

HowardShatsky Five NFL teams have expressed interest in my client DL @MarcusDixon94 MD will be back in the NFL soon! 2/2/13 3:06 PM
HowardShatsky Congratulations to PFM client DL Marcus Dixon @MarcusDixon94 on signing a one year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs! 2/9/13 11:54 AM

In addition to Dixon, the Chiefs also signed Marty Gilyard, a journeyman who got some minimal playing time with the Jets in the 2012 season.

MarcusDixon94@Swilk15: @MarcusDixon94 Welcome to Chiefs Nation. Glad to have you in KC!” I’m glad to be aboard 2/9/13 3:03 PM
MarcusDixon94@NYJ_NDN: @MarcusDixon94 give ‘em hell in KC bro.” No choice but to 2/9/13 3:03 PM
ConnieScouts @HowardShatsky @marcusdixon94Congrats to Marcus! Will miss seeing him at Jet camp, so great to fans, but happy for great guy! 2/9/13 12:13 PM
HowardShatsky @ConnieScouts Thanks Connie 2/9/13 2:16 PM
JoshElkin @HowardShatsky @marcusdixon94 Awesome news! Very happy for you both!! 2/9/13 11:57 AM
HowardShatsky @JoshElkin Thanks for your support now and in the past. 2/9/13 2:16 PM
  • Billy The Kid

    Marcus Who?

    • holoh

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