Mark Sanchez Breaks Twitter Silence after 63 Days

Mark Sanchez Breaks Twitter Silence after 63 Days

It’s been 63 days since Mark Sanchez’s last tweet on the social media site, but the QB of the Jets was in the tweeting mood first by tweeting a picture with school students, and then responding to the many tweets coming his way.

After breaking twitter silence, Mark’s twitter account was averaging 30 tweets per second and all types of fans hit him up.  I will say that the majority of the tweets sent to @Mark_sanchez were positive.  Most were from teenage girls asking for a RT and also how much they love the man.

Mark_Sanchez Thx to Danny & Priscilla. Gr8 to see the kids at @hollenbeckpbc in ELA today. 1/30/13 8:47 PM
Mark_Sanchez Are these kids awesome or what! @hollenbeckpbc 1/30/13 9:25 PM

Sanchez Out in Public again and on Twitter as Well

The trolls were out too.  Some were just point blank using vulgarity, others were trying to act nice, but I know too many Jets fans on here and I know they were trying to mess with the guy, pretending to be a fan to have Mark tweet their friends.

e_man @Mark_Sanchez tweets after a 63 day gap #jets 1/30/13 8:52 PM
montreal57 @e_man Why not. He is the only player who has a confirmed roster spot. Lol. 1/30/13 8:55 PM
SeanBarkey @e_man I imagine most of his mentions are not kind 1/30/13 9:07 PM
Cellar_DoorN7 @e_man gotta feel for the guy. It’s not through lack of effort that he’s not a good qb. 1/30/13 9:02 PM
SeanLDurham @e_man the Sanchez assassins are busy stuffing their faces! 1/30/13 8:58 PM

And then I saw the bloggers and the podcasters asking for DM’s to go on their shows or a chance to interview Mark.  He has been untouchable since the season started.  I’ve never seen Mark do an interview with a blogger before, but hey, if you are reading this Mark (hint hint), I’ll wait for that DM.

In the end, Mark breaks his twitter silence, and it was probably a smart thing for him to do.  He used to be on twitter all the time, and now that’s he’s back, with fans tweeting him, maybe just maybe things will settle down.

Mark_Sanchez@ranlikegel: @Mark_Sanchez Good to have you back, Mark. Keep coming.” Nice hat 1/30/13 9:08 PM
Mark_Sanchez@heyitsjulieann: I TWEETED YOU FOR 133 DAYS IN A ROW @Mark_Sanchez…. WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME” carpal tunnel? 1/30/13 9:16 PM