My Thoughts on Trading Darrelle Revis

My Thoughts on Trading Darrelle Revis

The thought of Darrelle Revis on the trading block has many Jets fans nauseous.  How could the Jets possibly trade their best player away?  It’s not as simple as saying “keep him a Jet forever”.  The Jets are in cap hell and coupled with many other factors, it may seem a very wise thing for the futurue of the Jets to get all they can now for a player that may walk away anyway.

Many fans think that the Jets JUST started thinking of trading away Revis, but sources say that the Jets were putting feelers out to other teams before Darrelle’s season ending injury.

It’s less jarring here because of the realities of the Revis contract.  Revis will be a free agent after the season (unless he holds out and prevents the last three years of his deal from voiding), and a source familiar with his thinking tells PFT that the player understands what’s happening.


Revis realizes that owner Woody Johnson doesn’t want to pay Revis market value.


So if the philosophical decision has been made to not pay Revis close to what he could get when he becomes a free agent, the question becomes whether the Jets should part ways with him sooner and get more value than whatever compensatory draft pick the Jets would receive in 2015.  The fact that the Jets have gotten the word out that they’re thinking about trading Revis means that the phone will ring and the Jets will find out what they could get in return for not having Revis during a season in which expectations will be low.


Here are my thoughts:

  • Revis’ camp is floating big numbers of what the player is looking for.  Again, he wants to be paid the HIGHEST salary for a defensive player, despite coming off a major injury.
  • If the Jets try to redo his contract and he holds out and/or plays the remainder of his existing contract, he’ll become a free agent and could end up walking to a division foe, more likely the Patriots or Dolphins.  The Jets DO NOT want to face him twice a year.
  • Even if the Jets end up renegotiating a new deal for Darrelle, he’s going to want close to that top dollar and the Jets will be handcuffed on making deals for much needed offense personnel and other defensive players.
  • If the Jets make a trade now this year, they’ll still be responsible for his cap number but will be off the books for the future.  If the Jets are truly in rebuilding mode, moving Darrelle opens the door to bring in other talent.
  • How do we know we are going to get the Darrelle Revis before the major knee injury?  If he plays this season and isn’t up to his former self, his value drops even more and the Jets get nothing for him.  It may be wise to part with him now.  If he does well, oh well.
  • If Darrelle gets traded, Jets nation will go ballistic, but if they can bring in a player(s) with immediate impact, it can help alleviate the sting a little.
  • I’ve asked many fans on twitter their thoughts on if Revis is a “ME” player or a “WE” player.  The results have been mixed.

I’ve been asked what I would do if I were the GM.  I would trade Darrelle.  Is he the best player the Jets ever had?  He’s one of them, but if I’m looking at the future of this franchise, it’s the smartest thing to do.  If I’m making this decision PURELY as a fan, I’m saying keep him!  Do anything you can to keep a Jet for life.  If you are going to pay big bucks for a guy with a bad attitude (ala Holmes) and a QB who was one of the worst in the league last year (ala Sanchez), then spending big bucks for Revis is a no brainer.

Again, I’m thinking about the future of the team, so I’m in the camp with letting us see what we can get for him.

  • cousinrk

    You keep mentioning a holdout, the problem is if Revis holds out the three years left in his deal kicks in so there is no way he holds out. The Jets would probably love it because they’d have him for 3 more years at very reasonable money