Revis Tweets he is Speechless about Trade Rumors

Revis Tweets he is Speechless about Trade Rumors

Darrelle Revis rumors are flying since late last night there was news that Woody Johnson would serioulsy “consider” trading the best player on the Jets and possibly one of the best in the league.

The Jets are in cap hell and the thought process could be to get value now while the Jets still can if they can’t lock in a long term and he walks away a year later with the Jets getting nothing.

Revis went to twitter to let fans know how he feels.  One word:  Speechless.

Revis24 I’m speechless by far but more importantly I feel more upset for the jet nation for having to go through this!!! 1/24/13 2:08 PM
Revis24 I guess we’ll see how this plays out. 1/24/13 2:08 PM



  • Pino Molina

    Revis doesn’t care about Jet Nation! He only cares about himself. He held out as a rookie and he did it again when the jets were on hard knocks and look what happen, you hurt yourself. I know it all about the money, but do us all a favor and don’t kid yourself you don’t care about the fans if you did you would have never held out.