Picture of Intersection of Rex Ryan’s Crash Site

Picture of Intersection of Rex Ryan’s Crash Site

Rex Ryan is in the news again, this time for running a red light and causing a three car crash in his Red Mustang last week.  Rex and the other drivers are not hurt.  I’m curious why Rex was in Bethlehem PA.  Scouting?

Rex in Mobile for the Senior Bowl this Week – via RPMSports18

Official Bethlehem Police Media Statement

According to a police incident report, traffic was heavy when police arrived on the scene and observed three vehicles in the west bound lane of West Third Street just west of Wyandotte Street. All three drivers provided information to police.

Officers reported the accident occurred at 6:13 p.m. when the driver of a Ford Mustang, identified by police as Rex Ryan of New Jersey, traveling west on West Third Street collided with another vehicle which was proceeding through a traffic light on Wyandotte Street/Route 378.

According to the report, the driver said the impact caused his vehicle to strike a third vehicle which was turning from Wyandotte Street/Route 378 onto West Third Street.

Police declined to identify the other drivers.

According to the report, one witness told police he observed the driver of the Mustang pass through the red light at West Third and Wyandotte streets.

As of this afternoon, Bethlehem Police are awaiting a return call from another witness before completing the investigation.

Via Bethlehem Police site

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  • Ferraro41

    I don’t mean any offense, but is there really where we are with Rex? That now we’re wondering why he’s in a particular town on a particular day? Maybe he was shopping? Maybe he needed a pierogi fix? It’s like Rex Ryan has become The Truman Show..lol