My Thoughts on the Jets’ and Rex Ryan Press Conference Today

My Thoughts on the Jets’ and Rex Ryan Press Conference Today

The New York Jets have finally held their end of the year presser and Rex Ryan has returned from a break.  I too have returned from a little break and now I’ll dive into the Jets news that came out of Florham Park this morning.

As you read this, you are either a big Rex Ryan fan who believes he deserves the second chance he is getting from Woody Johnson, OR… You are the other person who has had enough of Rex’s act, the passionate coach who doesn’t seem to have a sense of direction and apologized too often for making mistakes.

Last week 31 teams ended their year with press conferences following the rules of the NFL that teams must make their coaches and owner available within the week of their last game.  The Jets only addressed everyone by a memo from owner Woody Johnson and Rex Ryan darted off to the Bahamas for a vacation.

Photo: Deadspin

Many of the press made a big deal about it and some fans took notice to the media members being oversensitive to being ignored.  It was interesting to say the least to watch it play out on social media.  Adding to the buffoonery were the press stalking Rex on his vacation, snapping photos and capturing a Tattoo which was a picture of his wife wearing only a Sanchez Jets Jersey and in a position that had her close but not quite  Tebowing.

Woody Johnson Apologizes to Writers and the Fans

Woody acknowledged that he should have addressed and held the presser sooner that later.  I only had a problem with it because it made it look like the Jets still didn’t need to follow the rules and we were going to be the only team did what they wanted.  I took some harsh criticism from my stance because it looked like I was siding with the beat writers, but in fact, I just wanted the season to end, OFFICIALLY and right away.

Rex and Woody

Rex Comes up Short

Rex states that he “hasn’t done as a good a job implementing who I am through this team.”  He wants a physical style of team on ALL 3 phases, offense, defense and special teams.  Well Rex, you had four years.  So I’m assuming he is saying that he failed in all previous four seasons to get this message through.  Why would they finally get it with at least one more year, I mean it’s the same personal for the most part coming back.

I’m not sure that by Rex SAYING that he’s going to do something necessary translates into the solution he’s looking for.  Just go back one year when Rex stated at the end of the year that he “lost the pulse of the team” and he was going to be more involved with the offense.  The results:  More of the same anonymous players talking and putting down their own players and throwing people under the bus, including upper management as anonymous sources.

I’m just not convinced that Rex can cash checks his mouth is making.  I believe he truly wants to achieve the change, I just don’t think he is capable of it.

Rex doesn’t address specific questions on players due to the Lack of a GM

Rex said that he wants to wait to address how players will be used next year until they find the new GM and when they have a new offense defined with a coordinator.  They will say what fits and what doesn’t fit.  The press was pushing hard on if they will keep Tim, and they answered the only way they could, dodge it.  I don’t have a problem.

Rex is saying they are going to be a “dangerous football team” and that “you won’t want to play the New York Jets”.  Yada yada yada.  Enough.  Show me.

Rex is Hitting Reset

Rex said he’s excited to have this opportunity and claims he’s in much better shape that some of his counterparts, the other head coaches of 31 teams.  Rex said that he’s starting all over.

The media pushed on Rex asking him why next year will be different that the last four years.  They wanted to know the game plan, the blue print if you will, and Rex simply replied it has to get done.  Again, he didn’t say how because I believe he doesn’t know yet.  He wants to achieve success and be this “all weather team” but I’m not so sure he knows what that means yet.  How could he?  He doesn’t know his GM or his offense that they will be running.  He doesn’t know what players will be successful in that offense.

Here are the major things I got out of this presser:

  • Rex truly wants to succeed.  He’s passionate and he loves the New York Jets.  He just doesn’t have a clue (and I don’t say that mocking him) on how to get it done, yet (or ever).
  • Woody Johnson clearly believes in Rex Ryan.  He said he never considered firing him.  The question is, how long does he give Rex to turn this around?
  • I am convinced that Rex had major riffs with his coaches.  It seems that Pettine left before he was fired by turning down the extension offered to him last week.  Rex also praised Tony Sparano, but admitted the team needed to go in a different direction.  Rex waited until last night to make the decision (or so he says).  I really don’t think he struggled with the decision like he makes it out to be.  I believe it was a no brainier that Tony HAD TO GO, even to Rex.
  • Rex seemed like a broken man during the last couple of weeks of the season.  Today, he looked energized and truly recuperated from his vacation.
  • The Elephant in the Room, Mark Sanchez was brought up.  Rex said the financial part would not play into who starts next season.
  • There is no mandate that the team must make the playoffs nor is Rex a Lame Duck Coach.  Woody said he doesn’t give that impression and that he trusts Rex.  I truly believe that.
  • Rex said over and over that he wants the team to have an “attack mentality” and that he wants unpredictability.  Um…. I think we had that this past year in that they  “attacked” each other and the offense was so “unpredictable” …. and bad.  Ok, this last bullet is a cheap shot, but I couldn’t resist.
  • Rex Ryan will have input to who the GM will be.  Um, I wish I had input on who MY BOSS would be.  I know this is the NFL, but usually it’s the other way around in that the GM’s hire the head coaches.  I wonder if this will prevent us from getting any real high quality candidates.

So there are my thoughts of the new year and to press conference that was held today.  Let me know your thoughts and if you thought Rex and Woody did a good job addressing your concerns as fans.


  • Rachel

    Very good thoughts, especially that Rex has had four years to implement his vision and what did we have to show for it this year? I think you’re right that he doesn’t know how to get certain things done, esp. on offense and when it comes to controlling the locker room. The right GM and OC could maybe make up for that, but do Woody/Rex know how to identify the right people to provide the skills they currently lack? I don’t know, but here’s hoping.

  • Ferraro41

    I agree with most everything you wrote, with the exception of the last bullet (Rex having input into the GM hire). You can certainly argue whether Rex deserved to keep his job or not, but at the end of the day, it’s Woody’s team, and he can do what he wants.

    Once he made that decision, however, Rex absolutely has to be part of the process. Not to make the final decision, mind you, but he has to be part of the process. These guys have to work very closely together, and you can’t hire the new GM in a vacuum and then say “Ok you two, go make it work…and no fighting!”

    I am no football expert, but having 20 years of management experience at various levels, I think I do have some expertise in organizational management. I have hired and fired many directors in my career, and when I look to re-hire the position, I absolutely want the line managers (the folks that will report to this person) involved in the process. I have final say, but it makes for a much more harmonious work place if your key players feel like they a voice in the process.

    Just my $.02