Is Rex Ryan Really Safe? Will he still be Fired?

Is Rex Ryan Really Safe?  Will he still be Fired?

Happy New Year.   It’s no secret that the Jets had a down year and with Black Monday, the start of the new regime has started with the first announcement of Mike Tannenbaum being fired as the General Manager.

Woody Johnson made the announcement in a statement sent to the media as well as a brief paragraph of the decision to keep Rex Ryan.  I’m not buying that Rex is safe so quickly.   With all the events from yesterday finally settling in, I’m not so convinced that Rex is safe.

Normally a new General Manager, well anyone worth their salt, wants their own say and the chance to pick their own head coach.  There was a scheduled presser for Rex Ryan to address the media for his end of the year address that was cancelled.  The Jets were the ONLY team to do this.  WHY?

Here goes my conspiracy theoretic mind again:

  • Maybe Rex was just too tired physically and mentally to address the media and talk about the failures of his team.  I know that players said he addressed the team before the last game and cried.  Maybe he was going to be too upset again.
  • Maybe Rex was told he was the coach, FOR NOW and maybe Woody didn’t want him addressing the media with the fear he might out the plan.
  • Maybe Woody is waiting to hire the GM and then behind closed doors decide if they are going to keep Rex has the 2013 head coach.

I am just not convinced that Rex Ryan is safe from being fired.  For all those people tweeting me saying that is there a possibility of him being demoted to defensive coordinator, I’ll answer with a resounding NO.  There is no way Rex would want to stay (his ego couldn’t handle a demotion) and it’s not fair to the new head coach.  There are many players who love Rex and if he still was on the team I think it could create a divide.

Does Rex Ryan deserve to go?  I would say there is a case to keep Rex and also a case to fire him.  Rex has no clue about offense. NONE.  There have been rumors (Thanks Mr. Anonymous) that Rex actually wanted to play Tim Tebow more and that he was faced with major push back from OC Tony Sparano.  Now that’s on Rex if he can’t get his way and influence his subordinate to do as he wants.  If he was so for this move, why didn’t he just over rule him.

I believe Rex tries to please everyone.  He’s trying to please the owner, fans, players, coaches and anyone he comes in contact with, or this is how it seems to me.  His press conferences tipped me off this year with his constant spinning of his explanations of his decision making.  There were many times I scratched my head wondering where the coach was coming from.  His logic seemed flawed and I believe his boisterous predictions put major pressure on his players especially Mark Sanchez.

I think the problems were too much for Rex to handle and it spun way out of his control.  We know playing and coaching in New York isn’t easy, but Rex failed to keep things simple and in perspective for his team.  Does he deserve to get fired, YES.  He still has a chance to get the axe.  I believe there is something brewing in Florham Park and Woody is buying his time.  Then again, I can be speculating and totally wrong.  We’ll find out soon enough.