Tebow and Holmes’ Quit the Team in Different Ways

Tebow and Holmes’ Quit the Team in Different Ways

Selfish.  Team Killer.  Quitter.

If we were talking about the 2011 season, Santonio Holmes would be the name that would pop up that would embody the adjectives above.  If I told you that the words are actually describing what some people say is what Tim Tebow has become in 2012, you may have called me crazy last season.

Tim told his coach, Rex Ryan, before the Chargers game that he didn’t want to be used in the Wild Cat once he found out that he was passed over for Greg McElroy as the starter.  There is no question that Tim had evidence to be disgruntled to the team that traded for him this off season and promised fans and media alike that we would see Tim used in special packages.

Tim was misused and maybe misled but the fact of the matter is the New York Jets and Rex Ryan had no clue or faith in Tebow.  Rex danced around the millions of Tebow questions all season, but in the end, he stayed true to what he believed:  He never thought Tebow was an NFL player that was for him or his team.

Is Tebow a Fraud for quitting on the Jets?

Tim was passed over time and time again and finally the frustration got to him where he committed the ultimate professional sin:  He pouted, and quit saying he’s done (at least for the Chargers game).  Again, I don’t blame him for doing it, but actually going through with it is another story.  It was out of character for the ultimate team player.

I think what he did was WRONG, but make no mistake, part of me still wants Tim to go to another team and have success.  Why?  Because part of me roots for the underdog, and I know it sounds crazy to call Tim that, but I believe he has a lot to show the world he can win in the NFL.  The Jets never had the intention to give him the chance.  Now I never wanted him to start over Mark at the beginning of the season, but as Sanchez’s career continued to unravel, I felt Tim should have been at least given a chance (more than one full series).

Now people call what I said as hypocritical because I was so hard on Holmes when he quit in 2011 and basically he pulled the same move (Santonio quit in the huddle in the last game of the season) as Tebow.

The argument is that you can’t criticize Holmes and give Tebow a pass.  They say that it’s the same thing, but I disagree.  Tim had done really nothing to this point to deem him a selfish player.  Tim was promised things but never got a chance, where Santonio was a starter who wasn’t getting the ball due to failure of execution by Mark Sanchez.

Holmes was critical of teammates during the season throwing Sanchez and the O-line under the bus.  Tebow never threw anyone under the bus.  He only took himself OFF the bus.  Both are wrong and quit on their teams.

Both situations make the players and the Jets look bad, but to say what Holmes did and what Tebow did was the same thing doesn’t hold water for me.   Tebow was thinking of himself only where Holmes was thinking of himself and taking shots at teammates.

By the way, those defending Holmes for his actions saying that he was justified for quiting and that he is just a competitor and wants to win but then condemning Tebow for being a fraud is being hypocritical.  You either condemn both actions or defend them equally, but you can’t split.