Mark Sanchez Named Starter, My Thoughts

Mark Sanchez Named Starter, My Thoughts

Mark Sanchez is the guy…. at least for one more game.  Did you really honestly think that Rex Ryan was going to start anyone other than the man he drafted and put all his eggs in his basket?  I had written a post of what I would like to have seen vs. what I think what Rex was going to pull.  Boy I hate being right.  I nailed it.

Here is what I said:

  • Rex won’t name a starter until Wednesday.  He’ll say he’s pondering it over and will see how “practice” will go on Tuesday and Wednesday (even though I think his mind has been made up last night).  NAILED IT
  • He’ll finally name Mark Sanchez the starter staying that he gives the Jets the best chance to win against the Jaguars (even thought they only have two wins).  NAILED IT
  • He’ll keep Tim Tebow inactive saying that he things he still needs a week to heal, even though we know Tim could probably suit up.  I still believe Rex will die first before he puts Tim in as the starter.  We will NEVER see it Jets fans.  TO BE DETERMINED
  • Greg McElroy will be the #2 again and I believe the same “short leash” will be on Mark, or even shorter.  First signs of a struggling Sanchez, and Greg will be inserted again.  TO BE DETERMINED
  • I believe Rex will go with this strategy because the Jets are away and won’t have to deal with the craziness of the Jets reaction when Mark is introduced in the game as the starter.  I’m not convinced that Rex is convinced that Mark Sanchez is done…. We are close but I think he still names him the starter.

So why are fans calling Greg McElroy the future?  Succeed or fail, in the next four games, some fans have given up on Mark Sanchez.

  • Greg has played a total of 24 minutes and is 5-7 for 27 yards.  Why on earth would you think he is the future of this franchise.  I think what people are really saying is that “the future of our franchise is anyone healthy other than Mark Sanchez, and that is Greg McElroy”
  • Regardless of how Mark does personally, it will not satisfy his haters.  Mark can throw for 600 yards and 8 TD Passes and people will say that he’s not the future.  The thing is, they are probably right.  Mark has to prove that he can consistently win big and succeed and in four years he hasn’t done that.  Even if he ends the season dominating the last 4 games, people will say he played four soft teams.
  • No matter what happens on Sunday or the rest of the season, we will have a QB Controversy going into the 2013 season.  The question is, will Rex Ryan survive it?

If I’m looking past just ONE week, this was the right move, FOR NOW.  By benching Sanchez, Rex is saying he has fully given up and even if he changed his mind next week to put back in Sanchez (if he benched him this week), Mark would never recover mentally.  The thing is, it might be past that point NOW, but only Mark can prove me wrong.

Having a great game doesn’t solve anything or calm the pissed off Jets fans, but it will be a little start to trying to crawl back up to being the Sanchize.  Personally, that guy is dead and buried.